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Reply To: Could it all have been just an illusion of mine?



Hi Daisy1990, confusion is what a sociopath wants their victims to feel. They ultimately want Power & control over others. Confusion is a form of power & control.

My ex h (a sociopath) would leave me in a constant confusion. He was always changing the rules even though I did not know that he was playing a game with me, he was always changing plans, always creating chaos & drama daily. It was ALL intentional to keep me focused on changing me and not focused on what he was really doing = lying, cheating, conning everyone including me. This guy you are dating sounds like he is doing the same.

When I finally escaped & drove 3000 miles away without him knowing, I went to a counselor. Lucky for me, this counselor was astute in sociopath abuse. I literally sat on the cou
ch and stated “I just left my husband, I dont know if the marriage failed because of me, him, or both, I’m confused”.

She immediately stated asking me question and within 20 minutes she told me I was married to a psychopath!! I did not fully understand this at the time, lucky again she gave me a book to read on psychopath relationship. I literally sobbed reading the whole book in just a few days. Ever page was as if the author had written the book based on my marriage. It was shocking. But, I finally had the answer I had been praying for. It gave me the freedom to continue with my divorce proceedings despite him trying to win me back.

Your gut told you to research his horrible & confusing behavior…which lead you to this wonderful site & you had the courage to post your nightmare of a relationship story = BELIVE YOUR GUT!! It is telling (more like SCREAMING at you) that he is NOT normal…this relationship is not normal. This relationship with him does not feel right. Believe your gut instinct!!

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