Reply To: Was I dating a Psychopath?



Thanks for sharing your story. I had similar situations in my relationship which unfortunately lasted longer (year and a half). Your lying example also reminded me of my ex who shared many elaborate detailed lies. Everything from lying about having full custody of his daughter and going through court to making up stories about going to the jewelry store and giving me specific names of people he talked to about engagement rings to lying about his credit card being hacked. After we got further into the relationship I realized many parts of his stories didn’t add up and on occasion, would research to confirm I wasn’t going crazy (like calling the jewelry store and asking for the names he gave me…of course they didn’t exist). Even when confronting him with 100% evidence, would vehemently deny the lie still or twist it to of course make it sound like I was crazy.
And I can relate on the inappropriate reactions to sad situations. He would often “blame” that person for their affliction or say they deserved it. Complete lack of empathy.
And I’ve had a similar ending. After discovering cheating (that he lied about), I left him and he has not reached out at all. All of that time and heart investment and nothing.

Hang in there!

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