Reply To: Was I dating a Psychopath?



Hi All,

I wanted to update you all on what’s happened on my front recently. I’ve been successfully doing No Contact and haven’t reached out to him in these 3 months. But he has created a fake account and is stalking me and watching what I’m doing on my social media platforms.

So, how do I know it’s him? Even though he’s made a fake account, I guess he wasn’t aware that Instagram tends to sync the Facebook profile. So, now his Facebook friends have started following him on the fake account too. Plus he’s uploaded some photos to make it look realistic but is using captions similar to mine. I can’t make my profile private because my work requires me to have a public presence.

I don’t understand why is he putting in so much effort to stalk me? He ghosted me. He constantly lied. And now that I’m trying to lead my life as normally as I can and get on with things, and he is stalking me? I haven’t blocked the fake profile because he’d know then that I’m aware. Moreover, he can make more fake profiles to do the same in the future. So, I’m ignoring and not reacting to him as usual.

I wonder if he will reach out though ?

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