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Reply To: Was I dating a Psychopath?



Hi iwillrise,

He has done multiple things in these past few months that have infuriated me. I’m sure he has done this so that I react angrily and reach out to him or confront him about his behaviour.

But, I haven’t done that. Because I know that’s what he wants, and I don’t want to give him that satisfaction. I’ve tried to remain calm. It’s difficult sticking to No Contact. There are moments I feel like reaching out to him and asking him why he is doing all this, because deep down I’m extremely hurt.

It’s strange but despite whatever he’s done, I pray to God for his health and happiness. The thing is I still do care (maybe because I’m an empath and feelings don’t disappear quickly, at least in my case). I don’t want to hold grudges and I want to move on peacefully. I’m trying to forget him but it’s not easy. Hence, whenever his thought crosses my mind, I only wish him well.

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