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Daisy1990, I’m sorry that you are unearthing the truth…this is hard to deal with…lots of emotions. But, at the same time, it’s the best thing that can happen to you. As the say, the Truth will set you free.

Now, you can be free of this sociopath. He will NEVER change…what you see = what you get.

My guess is he is manipulating women in Europe & upon his return to your home town…he will attempt to manipulate you back into his lying, SERIAL cheating, cunning dysfunctional world. Don’t let him back in…slam the door shut now.

Educating yourself now by reading Lovefraud, asking stories etc to open your mind up to all of his lies. These types are Pathological liars (do a search on this) they will tell you what you want to hear, this is part of their manipulation & how they lure people into their con game.


There are 7 BILLION people on this planet…half are male…half of them are in your dating age range. Find a nice kind guy who is NORMAL..this is not normal!!

Sending you hugs!!

When speaking to my counselor one day, I told her, that I thought my (then) husband was cheating on me, maybe 8 – 12 times…She told me it was more likely 3 to 4 times that number!!

She told me all sociopaths are serial cheaters!! This guy sounds like one. I spent 12 years in a marriage where it was nothing but an emotional roller coaster ride…Looking back she was right…he cheated endlessly. HE manipulated me with “idolization, devalue, discard” (do a search here at love fraud & Net on this term) throughout the marriage. This is what you will get if you stay with this sociopath. This is not what you deserve. This guy saying “be patient’ he is expecting you to wait for him.

Little does he know you are education yourself on his manipulative & cunning ways. Set yourself free!! Follow the NO contact rule now.

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