Reply To: Could it all have been just an illusion of mine?


David Mc Dermott MD


These people are professional liars. Unless you have 3rd party evidence of what they say, you have to assume it’s all lies. So yes, he lied about his unhappiness and he lied about loving you. (By definition, these people are incapable of love).

Here’s a quote from one of them: “There really is nothing more amusing or exciting or fun than turning a smart, beautiful, resourceful person into a personal plaything. It is a game, but I am not necessarily interested in the spoils so much as the maneuvering.”

This gives you a sense of what it’s all about for them, domination and control. He seems as if he wanted to see if he could ‘catch you”.

And be careful of that why question. You can drive yourself nuts trying to figure out why and if you only consider it from your (normal, healthy) point of view, you may never find an answer because you wouldn’t do that to anyone. You have to learn how they think to develop a sense of why they do things.

And sometimes the answer to why they do things is simply ‘because they are psychopaths’.

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