Reply To: How to heal from a sociopath relationship when there's a kid involved? Help


David Mc Dermott MD


Be careful about working on your own shortcomings. That puts some responsibility for what is happening on you. This is not useful for you. There is nothing wrong with having a need for love, or a need for freedom. You are a normal, healthy human being. The trick is to know you have these needs but watch out for anyone who is taking advantage of them.

You are spot on with your ideas about rules, etc and how he uses them.

All that fear you are experiencing has been trained into you by that man and it is precisely how he maintains the control. Knowing how specifically he creates the fear will actually get rid of it.

I don’t believe your strict rule about your son will serve either of you. Look at the trouble you are having figuring things out on your own. How is a child who has so much less life experience ever going to do it on his own?

You really need to work with someone who understands these things. You are at a very precarious point in your recovery and an expert will speed things up a lot for you.

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