Reply To: Controlled Sociopath


Carrie’s Daughter

Keep trying. See another therapist, and do NOT give up. You will get better.

Your sons have been manipulated and lied to, and you have to get to a place were you are strong enough to fight for them and get them out of the clutches of your ex.

Right now, focus on your own healing. STAY IN THERAPY! It’s worth it. You also need a support network. If you don’t have friends you can trust, join a church, a charitable organization, a club, or see if group therapy is available. Make a list of things that you’ve wanted to do but never have. Highlight the ones you can afford, and go do them. Pamper yourself. Get rest. Eat well. Journal. Meditate. Pray. Listen to music, and learn to love you again.

You are lovable. You will get through this.

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