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There were a few things that stand out when I think about the fog and haze brought upon by the sociopath that I was involved with. My best friend’s words would creep in and eventually, I began to see the light. You see, the gradual conditioning by them is a brainwashing and manipulation game that we never saw coming…and I still can’t believe the level of psychological manipulation. (My sociopath wasn’t even SMART, NOT AT ALL, but he mastered how to train and manipulate someone’s brain so they were almost begging for whatever it is that person craved.)

Here are a few things that my best friend kept repeating that “STUCK” with me through the end:
–His words are not backed by any of his actions. Words are just words. Anyone can tell you that they love you
–I’m struck by how your feelings for him are driven by how he makes you FEEL, rather than anything about HIM as a person. It’s all about ‘HOW HE makes YOU feel”
–You are taking all the risks. He has NOTHING to lose and EVERYTHING to gain
–He’s toying with you. That’s not love

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