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Thank y’all so very much for the kind words, guidance and prayers, much appreciated!

I have a therapy appointment scheduled for next week, hoping he will be able to help get me through this. None of my family or friends understand, they simply tell me to get over it and move on, can’t understand why I would even be upset. Not very helpful in the least when you’re going through a very real trauma.

Guessing my text last week suggesting we should go our separate ways didn’t go over so well. Last night, out of the blue, she texts me a long tirade of verbal abuse, calling me every name imaginable and telling me I was the worst person to have ever lived. I replied that I was not taking her abuse any longer and asked that she never contact me again. Also related that I would be looking into getting a restraining order if she did not stop. I simply cannot handle the abuse any longer and know that I need to move on with my life.

Is it not enough that she stabbed me over and over time and again, why would she have to twist the knife as well? Also related that I was going to finalize our divorce, something I’ve been working on today. Her reply to all of that was “Lol, finally.” Lol? Really? Unable to fathom how she could possibly find any of this amusing! Hoping to never hear from her again, time will tell.

Feeling so incredibly worthless after this and I’m desperately trying to understand that it’s not me and there is no need to feel that way. Finally made the decision to block every last method she could possibly contact me on. Hurts like crazy knowing this is the end, though have to remind myself that it’s certainly for the best and the only way through.

Today was very rough, am incredibly sick and haven’t eaten a meal in days, been throwing up all evening. Just have to keep reminding myself that this too shall pass!

Thank y’all again so very much for your prayers and well wishes, words cannot express how grateful I am!

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