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At what point will you come to terms with the fact this woman has shoved you down the rabbit hole of hell?

Thank goodness you are putting two & two together that she is highly disordered. She has a brain defect. No amount of rehab is going to change this birth defect. The fact she was kicked out of rehab for not following the rules just goes to show you she does not intend to get help.

Her father is disordered mentally. She is disordered mentally.

She has been to rehab 7 times…yet, when you pick her up she is still playing mind games with you.

She is playing mind games with you for fun!!

This is what sociopaths do!!

You are a nice person. Who has endless amounts of empathy. But you are wasting your time & energy on this woman. She will never change. Even if she sobered up, she would still play her mind games with you, this other guy, with EVERYONE!!

I’m sorry that you are in this cycle of abuse.


Do you realize you are being abused emotionally, mentally, verbally & finically??

Do you know that manipulation is emotional, mental & verbal abuse?

Do you know omission is a form of emotional & mental abuse?

Do you know that lying is a form of emotional, mental & verbal abuse?

Do you know that cheating is a form of abuse?

When you realize that YES you are being abused, this is the point you realize that you CAN walk away. That this is not a healthy situation for YOU or your child to live in.

You can not fix her!!

You are trying desperately to fix this situation to fix, this woman, to fix this relationship.

There are some relationships that can NOT be fixed! One being with a sociopath or someone with a personality disorder.

YOU WILL BREAK EMOTIONALLY & MENTALLY if you continue to try to fix this relationship.

Do you realize you are on the Hamperster Wheel to No whereville with this woman?

I spent 12 plus married years trying to fix my marriage. The problem was I was not the one breaking the marriage down…my ex h (a sociopath) was breaking the marriage down with his lying, cheating, drinking, manipulation, con games etc. And at my rock bottom I realzied that I needed to save MYSELF because he could not be saved.


It’s time for you to walk away from this horrific situation that is breaking your sprite down each minute you stay. You need to implement the No contact rule. This is the ONLY way to have peace & calm in your life.


It’s not easy to walk away. I can tell you from my own experience of hell at the hands of a sociopath husband (now ex), but the best gift I ever gave myself was driving 3000 miles away from him & filling for divorce.

I HAVE ZERO REGRET GETTING HIM OUT OF MY LIFE FOR GOOD!! ZERO REGRET!! My regret is that I stayed for to long. Please dont have this regret.

Seek help for YOU not her to break free. If you can Mary Ann Glenn counselor (here at Lovefraud) has FREE group phone/internet counseling sessions that you can listen to for Free. I would highly recommend that you call in for this (just do a search here at lovefruad for her next session it’s coming up soon). Also look at the Yellow box on the Home page of Lovefraud. Plus donna’s book see book store top of LF.

I think for men they are to embarrassed to seek help from a abusive relationship. I was embarrassed myself that I got myself into a nightmare of a marriage but seeking counseling & group meeting at my local abuse center plus support from sites like Lovefraud I was able to educate myself on the hell I was in and finally slammed the door shut on my ex for good.

It’s not an easy road to heal. Please Get help for your stress. Look into Adrenal fatigue symptoms…some sites to educate you on what toxic stress such as a absuvie relationship does to your adnreal glands.

See sites like:

Adrenal fatigue. org
DrLam. .com

Please know that ALL sociopaths create sleep deprivation in their mate so that they have full control over them. My ex did the same thing as your mate is doing now. She is intentionally not letting your sleep to have control over you. If you are sleep deprived you can not think clearly to leave…this is what they want. They dont want us to leave them.

It’s time to look after yourself. A sociopath will always “need help” (my ex too) but at some point you have to realize they are playing a con game with you and set yourself free.

You state:

She also related that she hoped to one day be able to apologize for her actions, though offered no apology whatsoever.

Yep!! This is part of her con game…she is leaving the door open for you to always accept her phone calls because you think she is going to apologize to you. Sociopaths NEVER apologize, you never get closer directly from them.

Your closure with a sociopath is finding out they are disorders, educating yourself & most importantly slamming the door shut for good on them.

Wishing you all the best. Keep venting here & reading. Watch Donna’s videos up at the top of Lovefraud they are incredibly informativeness. When you are angry, sad, crying etc come to love fraud & watch the videos & read, read, read to open your mind up from her brain washing. She is your cult leader & you are her cult follower…that is until you brake your mind free from her control.

You should be so proud of yourself for researching for the truth & educating yourself and most importantly posting here at love fraud. These are HUGE healing steps!!

Do a serch here at love fraud and the net:

Gas lighting abuse
no contact rule
sociopath smear campaign.

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