Reply To: Complete and Utter Disbelief – A Psychopathic Experience



PS. I thought at times I was in love with my husband…that is until I really started to process reality & realized I never loved him…he just conned me into believe that I did. I think this is the same with you. I think she conned you into loving her.

When you break free from her I think you will realize that it (like Donna states) it more like an addiction that she created in you. This addiction is NOT love. Once you leave you will have a light bulb moment and see the truth.

Also please do not try to sweep things under the rug…ie what she was doing at beach house rental with that stranger. SEE the truth!!

The truth will set your mind free!!

IT’s not easy to see the truth with your spouse. Denial is a safe place for us to remain but it breaks are spirt down. I did not want to see my ex husband was a serial cheater at the time…it was safer for me to just ignore it, to not fight with him. But once I left, I saw the truth. And the truth was my ex cheated on me from day one. That he used me for money, to look normal etc. P

Ask yourself: what was my wife doing at the beach house rental with that stranger? Be truthful to yourself!! Be honest!! See the truth of her. She was not just talking.

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