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I agree with Jan7 100%.

Block, block, block. Block your phone, block your facebook, instagram, whatever it is. Take back your power. If you’re having a weak day and want to reach out, come back to this blog and realize that she’s TOYING with you.

You’ve become a toy.
A game to pass the time.
It’s fun toying with you….

But, HOW DARE SHE! You deserve respect, love, and peace in your life. You’re a good person who loves and feels true emotions. She’s an empty shell, a tortured person who has been using you. There’s no love with someone like that. Not now, not ever, not with ANYONE….not even her boyfriend. Not the next guy. She will destroy whomever it is.

My formal relationship with the sociopath ended 4 years ago…and he would randomly text me via instagram every 3-6 months…I ignored them because I received my closure when I realized that he is a sociopath and will destroy EVERYONE’s life that he encounters. He almost destroyed mine. I almost lost EVERYTHING that I worked very hard for, while he chased his next entertainment without even a goodbye.

Recently, due to health reasons and because I can’t stand being in conflict with anyone, I thought to reach out and close things formally with him…rather than ignore his contact attempts.

What a mistake. I felt like an alcoholic that had her first relapse drink. I was an addict all over again. I didn’t see him….thought I had control of the text conversation, but he was able to manipulate OVER THE PHONE. I quickly realized that I was one of Pavlov’s dogs who had been conditioned to salivate after hearing a bell. I had been conditioned. When I didn’t get a text for over a week, I would wait for it (and he knew this, it was his game, he was calling the shots), and I was conditioned to wait and yearn for a crumb, a spec, whatever it is that he was offering. After talking to my best friend, I went COMPLETE NO CONTACT. I never wanted to block him so that I too could leave the door open. But…

I’m an addict. I’m conditioned by him. This isn’t a normal person, so I took back my power. I blocked him in every way possible and won’t commit No Contact suicide (i.e., breaking no contact). It’s not healthy. They’re not normal, and never will love.

My advice is— ALWAYS FORWARD. Close that door and be thankful that you got out. Move forward, for you and your children. You need to heal, and there’s no better time than now.

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