Reply To: It's not my partner it's my brother


Donna Andersen

Fitzo – You are correct, your brother is disordered — likely either a narcissist or antisocial. You are also correct in that it is not going to be good for his wife and child. He is not going to change and he is not going to live up to his responsibilities. In fact, perhaps he married the woman from the Philippines in order to have someone who works to support him.

Perhaps the one thing you can do, if you have an opportunity, is to help with the wife’s confusion. I’m sure you remember what it’s like to be totally baffled by narcissistic or sociopathic behavior. When you don’t know that these people exist, their actions make absolutely no sense. If you ever have an opportunity to tell her that your brother is disordered, it could be tremendously helpful. Knowing what you are dealing with is essential for making decisions.

If you have an opportunity to be the woman’s confidante, it could help. But keep it private. If your brother finds out what you are saying, he will isolate the woman from you. And of course, insist that you are insane.

If the woman’s first language is Spanish, my book “Red Flags of Love Fraud – 10 signs you’re dating a sociopath” is available in Spanish.

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