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allison123….me sending you a big ((((cyberhug))). You wrote you cannot imaging being in love, or being with anyone else beside your ex/socio.

If you are feeling this way it is the biggest indicator you should not date, as the idea of ‘romance’ and partnership is a TRIGGER for you still. What I found out about this is it will either not go well with anyone you meet (they seem lackluster, boring, not sexy, too ordinary, etc), or you will break no contact, or you will not be alert to a new disordered person.

I will be honest and say it took me about 18 months before I was ready. I tried dating before that time and it was a disaster. It left me more depressed, and triggered me into wanting the sociopath. Not good.

You have time. Don’t rush your healing and heart. Take what you experienced when you made contact again (that cold-hearted disregard for you) to help you continue to distance yourself from her.

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