Reply To: How to leave?


Donna Andersen

Paradise – I’m glad Lovefraud has helped you. And I’m glad you’re getting distance from the person.

About how to end it – you should stop responding, although there is a choice about how you go about it.

You could just stop, with no explanation.

Or you could say, one time, do not contact me again, and then stop responding. The reason to use this approach may be if you feel like you’ll need to get some kind of restraining order – you may need evidence that you told him to stop.

If you don’t think a restraining order will be necessary or useful – often they aren’t – it may be best to just stop responding.

But the key is to stop completely. Do not ignore 31 text messages, and then after the 32nd text message, tell him to leave you alone. If you do that, you will teach him that you will respond after 32 text messages. Be sure to stop completely.

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