Reply To: Why did psychpath give up on me so quickly?


Donna Andersen

Dorabella – Welcome to Lovefraud. First of all, yes, count your lucky stars that you got rid of him so quickly. I know it still hurts, but you are correct – you are better off.

Psychopaths always have an agenda. They get involved with you because they want something from you. I believe you are right — he is also working on another target – they usually have multiple targets going at once. Probably someone else has more of whatever it is that he is looking for at the moment. Some other woman is a juicier target. Don’t feel jealous – feel sorry for her. Anyone who becomes involved with a psychopath will suffer.

For you, consider this a warning sign that you have some internal issues that need to be addressed. The best thing you can do is work on your emotional healing. Psychopaths figure out our vulnerabilities and then use them against us. We’re all human, we all have vulnerabilities. The key is to know what they are so you can recognize when someone is trying to target you.

We have lots of resources here on Lovefraud. You may want to check out our webinars. Also, my “Red Flags of Lovefraud Workbook” helps you identify your vulnerabilities. It’s a skinny and inexpensive book with questions and checklists that will help you analyze how you got hooked.

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