Reply To: Why did psychpath give up on me so quickly?




It is the highest compliment, not an insult, that he stopped trying to exploit you and left the ‘relationship.’

It is likely that the fact you did not fall for his tactic of whining about being underpaid and offer him money, and that you probably were stating to see through him, were reasons he moved on to exploit someone else.

Spaths don’t bond with anyone, and move on whenever they are not getting what they want. You can be pleased that you are not an easy target for victimization.

Spaths tend to check in with a past victim/potential future victim from time to time to see if there is anything they want, so consider being prepared for him to contact you at some random time.

When you’re ready to date again, you might consider keeping the pace of any new relationship fairly slow, to give yourself time to get to know a potential partner well enough to evaluate whether he’s emotionally healthy and is considerate of your well being.

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