Reply To: Why did psychpath give up on me so quickly?



Thank you very much ladies. That does make me feel better about it all.

I have realised I am much freer in giving away my heart than I am in giving away my money! Perhaps he had worked that out quicker than I did. There were several stories about being short of money after only a week of being in our “relationship” – do some women offer money as quickly as that? But he was also spending money like water in the short time I knew him, bought $1000 of technology (if it was true) so possibly his other target was subsidising those expenses. Or he could just have been running up debt, who knows.

Still confused as to why he didn’t take sex from me when he could. Does it not matter to some of them? Are some only interested in getting money from you or just using you for their “entertainment”, to see how much they can hurt you and disrupt your life? I wondered if I was just entertainment for him and he’d just got bored of me.

Thank you Annette. I did wonder if he might return at some point because as far as he knew I hadn’t rumbled him. I was sending increasingly loving and needy messages by the end (made up, once I’d sussed him) but perhaps he saw through those and knew he was rumbled. He disappeared with one last message that he was depressed and “needed space to get his head sorted out”. So he perhaps might return once his “depression” has improved.

I do have low self-esteem. Are there any resources you can recommend to work on that too Donna?

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