Reply To: Why did psychpath give up on me so quickly?



Another question, if you don’t mind: He works as a carer and that is how he met me, as I am a carer for my mother. He abused his position of trust by starting a relationship with me, although I admit I was perfectly willing. Now I feel it is my duty to report him to his employer, not for my own case, but because I truly worry about how he may be exploiting other vulnerable sick and elderly people in their own homes. I know you can’t hurt a psycho’s feelings but attacking him at his job may well hurt him, as he seems to enjoy his job (says he does, unless that’s another lie), and it must give him some validation and presumably the chance to exert power over vulnerable people.
However, all I’ve read so far tells me that I shouldn’t do so, that I should walk away and keep walking, because of angering him if he found out and causing him to retaliate. I have no idea of how vindictive or violent he may be. Should I report him to his work or not?

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