My Nightmare: Darren Ambler: New Jersey:

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    I foolishly became involved with Darren Ambler a few months ago. He seemed somewhat timid and shy but I soon realized that he was obsessed with sex- oral sex and filthy pornographic sexual acts. This guy for sure has some very serious problems.

    Our relationship was purely sexual and abusive. He basically hid me and our union for everyone. I was used as a sexual toy to satisfy his sick desires. darren was always worried someone would find out he was secretley meeting with me for sex. Actually- Darren Ambler was found out and at this point many people do know about our past relationship.

    Darren was terrible in bed. On a scale from 1 to 10 Darren Ambler would be rated a “Minus -20”. He loved oral sex and did some pretty gross things to me which made me feel even worse. He obviously was insecure and very lonely. It seems he had few friends and his best friend seemed to be his Mother. Yes- I know he is odd to say the least.

    Darren loved nudity and would stand in front of me admiring his penis or lack of penis. He told me he took his own nudie photos. He is Perverted- obsessed with sex and a compulsive liar. He used me and the same time cheated behind my back. Our relationship ended and from what I have learned he continued his sex and disgusting pattern of sex.

    I learned darren Ambler slept with several grotesque women. He carried on an intensive sexual affair with a woman in her 60’s. Darren Ambler is 39 years old. That alone is sick- disgusting and an act of controlled desperation. Darren is disrespectful and uses everyone.

    I am concerned for other women out there. Darren is carless with his sex practices. darren can scar women mentally by sexually using and abusing them. Also- his careless sex practices can be a health concern. A representative from the “Public Health Organization” in New Jersey contacted me concerning Mr. Darren.

    It seems Mr. Darren has serious mental problems compiled with a sex addiction and compulsion to lie all the time. He needs professional help in the worst way. Darren Ambler is also a n Internet addict and abuses dating web-sites. Some have called him a sociopath. Which I learned sociopaths are usually heavy Internet abusers. Very sick man.

    I hope to warn ladies out there please avoid Darren Ambler. If he harasses you on line report him to the web site administrator. Darren Ambler is roughly 5ft 8 in- skinny repulsive body- no muscle tone- absolutely no “Ass” at all- thin stringy blondish hair- deep set eyes- thick bi focal glasses-no personality- bad breath and very controlling.

    Darren will con anyone. Do not fall for it or him. Remember- he is obsessed with sex- nudity and mind control. Mr Darren is a registered Pharmacist in New Jersey. He does not exhibit very reputable behavior for a Pharmacist. Beware- stay away from this sick human being. The poor dear tries to prove his manhood by taking women to bed. Lets just say looks certainly do not run in his family. He was out to lunch the day looks were given out!

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    In my humble opinion, you are a very mean person yourself to try and humiliate a former sex partner through this website. Although you clearly regret your encounter, and it is appropriate for you to seek help & guidance for the pain you now feel, I would recommend that you not stoop to the level of your abuser in betraying his trust by posting personal information about him online in an effort to hurt him. Not only will you fail in hurting him if he is a true sociopath, but you harm your own credibility in making claims. If you would like to warn women about him, you could simply post his name and request anyone that feels hurt or abused by him to contact you for help & support.

    I’m responding to your post because I noticed no one else has done so already. I hope you find closure with, in that many people get involved in sexual encounters and relationships they regret and so there is nothing to be angry about. If you have your health and your safety you are truly blessed and need not give another thought to this sick person you invited carelessly into your life. Good luck & God bless.

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