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Fox News draws attention to romance scams

Finally, a major U.S. TV news channel is drawing attention to romance scams. Yesterday Fox News told the story of a nurse who thought she found love with a soldier. Actually what she found was a con artist who scammed her out of $50,000.

The soldier was Gabe Fanelli — but he didn’t scam the woman. His photos were stolen by a con artist. Fanelli gets 10-12 messages a week from women who say they’ve been scammed by him. He didn’t do it.

Here’s the scariest part of the story — the FBI says that love scams are among the fastest-growing crimes on the Internet.

Online love scams break hearts and leave many in financial ruin, on

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Very sad for this victim. Glad Fox News had a segment on this. I was returning some items at Walmart the other day and on all “Return Desk” credit card swipe machine there were sign post stating “Do not send money to someone unless you REALLY know them”. (really was red the rest of the lettering was black). I don’t shop at Walmart very often but I was happy to see those signs. I think Walmart does Western Union wire transfers, not sure. But the signs stood out, although I don’t think most people will understand those signs, if they are being scammed, maybe to emotionally involved with the scammer at that point? Never the less it was good to see Walmart has forward thinking on the matter.


Good for Fox News. I saw a similar sign to the Walmart sign on Western Union.


Sunnygal, thank. Thought they did Western Union transfers. Glad that they are proactive in helping people from being defrauded.


Good for Fox News.

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