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French aristocrat sought in murders of wife, kids and dogs

Authorities are searching for Xavier Dupont de Ligonnes throughout Provence, the French Riviera and northern Italy. The bullet-ridden bodies of his wife, four children and two Labradors were found stuffed into sacks and buried in the garden of the family home in Nantes, France.

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Ox Drover

Wow! This guy is some piece of work….calling his son and telling him that his mother had been injured so he would come home to be killed himself…then killing the family dogs as well…..

What a total waste—-what rancor and an evil, narcissistic dark center this man had…words fail me. May his family rest in peace.

I just hope he is caught and prosecuted, and isn’t able to either get away with it, or not be brought to center stage. I think this one wants to keep up his “image.”

How blood curdling and almost cookie cutter, yet another horrible P crime. I can only wonder what kind of red flags the wife or children may have had, and rationalized away. What a tragedy, looking at the lovely, kind looking faces of the victims.

Very relevant to the other post about the awareness campaigns about family violence etc.

I just learned from my sister, who is donating some pottery of hers to a fund raiser, that a woman who bought one of her pots at a fund-raiser for domestic abuse years ago was later murdered by her husband. Makes you hair stand on end.

This woman presumably had experienced some abuse, and was reaching out to help other victims by supporting the charity.

It occurs to me that one of the very costly mistakes that victims make is to think that their partner is “ill”, or mentally unwell, but fixable. I know I was of that opinion for a long time about my ex P. From that standpoint most of us tend to still feel compassion, and loyalty to the person, with a sense of duty to “stand by your man” ( or woman).

Crimes like this only underscore once again the importance of educating about P’s and the fact that victims need to remove themselves from the abuser, no matter what the cost, or risk paying the ultimate price.

Peace, A


What I think is that some women know he’s a jerk, has a problem, but they don’t think him capable of murder. The problem is, if someone has NO empathy, they are ALWAYS capable of murder. Trouble is, they also know to FAKE empathy. Takes a bit to unmask them unless you know to LOOK. Only people who’ve been educated (hard knocks?) know to look and even then, like I said, it may not be immediately apparent.


I suspect that when the bailiff came to the house (about the $30,000 debt owed to a creditor), the husband became enraged because now his wife was asking him QUESTIONS (she was angry, upset), and since he didn’t want to EXPLAIN himself (how he got into this latest financial mess), he offed her, the kids, and the family pets – now everyone would be permanently silenced – he wouldn’t have to answer to anyone. His family paid a huge price having this psychopath in their lives.

Ox Drover

Making that mental leap from knowing that your personal psychopath can do “bad things” to believing that they can KILL is a BIG LEAP and believe me I had difficulty with it even AFTER I KNEW IT WAS TRUE….I realize that could have cost me my life as well. It is only God’s grace it didn’t.


Some people, even after knowing that the P can kill, fail to make that SECOND leap of realization, to understand that the P can kill THEM.

You made it Oxy. I made it too. I know that my P killed several people, not because it’s been proven, but because all the signs were there over 25 years. They are ALL capable of it, it’s just a matter of how audacious they are.


Yes, Oxy. It is a big leap to finally get how evil they really are. That is when I realized dumping me was a blessing, esp when I realized that he already described murdering someone, in detail, and smirking about it, then doing what he previously described to a stubborn cow, just as if reliving it…

I have not had the desire to see him since the day I escaped being trapped and surrounded and beaten by them, only to escape by the skin of one tooth, (a truck driver had a breakdown and was delivering his last load late… all his others were done that morning and they didn’t know he owed them one more… with him as a possible witness, they stopped their assault. My BIL talked to the truck driver and convinced him that nothing was happening but once the trucker saw me and knew I was there, it was too hard to make me disappear without raising suspicions.)

Remember that book about survival, to save yourself you have to stop being in denial. My guts still gets sick whenever I think what they truly are… and what they get away with, my husband and his family.


Oxy-I have news. Through some careful behavioral analysis and some help from some of my LF friends here we have discovered what the problem is with my neighbor and my intensity issues with her. SHE IS A SPATH! I pulled her mask off and I hung it from a pole so she can’t reach it and I have several witnesses-Sky, Katydid, and Darwinsmom.

Ox Drover

Dear Nolarn,

Darling that woman from the get go sort of made me “feel strange” just from your description of her…if she is a full blown s-path ok, if she is only a half baked one, that’s okay too…she is NOT something that is healthy for you. That is all you need to know.

Just keep on honing your P-dar and when something gives you a WTF? moment—run, the alarm just went off. LOL


Oxy-no kidding. Darwinsmom asked for background on what was going on with her. The Sky posted that she read it and said she’s a spath. All freakin day I kept comparing her to ex boyfriend and how they are SO similar in behavior and it was wierding me out. Then I was comparing her to the girl that I dated before ex boyfriend, who was totally N and it was getting to me really bad. Now I have to gray rock big time.


Yeah, it was an eye-opener… for me as well, nolarn

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