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Frightening: Canadian man kills his mother and two brothers to keep them from exposing him to his fiancee

Brett Ryan (Toronto Police Service)

Brett Ryan, 36, pleaded guilty in Toronto last month to killing his mother and two brothers using a crossbow and crossbow bolts (similar to arrows). He was sentenced to life in prison.

Ryan had told his fiancee, Kristen Baxter, that he was a university graduate and working at a computer job. In reality, he never graduated and lost his job when his employer discovered that he was a convicted bank robber.

Last year, Ryan’s mother, Susan, learned he was lying to his fiancee. Susan gave her son an ultimatum — tell his fiancee the truth, or she would.

On August 25, 2016, Ryan stabbed his mother with a bolt and strangled her, shot his brother in the back of the head with his crossbow, and stabbed another brother with a bolt.

Crossbow killer Brett Ryan murdered family to hide his deceit, on

Accused in crossbow killings robbed banks after racking up debt in romantic relationships, on

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