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From cheating to murder

Marie Steward discovered that Andrew Lindo, her fiance and father of their children, was cheating on her. Lindo stabbed and strangled her, hid her body in their garage, and told the family that she’d left him for another man. Lindo was convicted in the UK and sentenced to 22 years in prison.

Read This monster who took my daughter’s life: Victim’s father attacks cheating killer who beat his daughter to death on DailyMail.co.uk.

Link supplied by a Lovefraud reader.

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Dear Newstepmom,

Her goal I think, as with many personality disordered people, is CONTROL and MANIPULATION and DRAMA=”excitement”—- so I think you are in for the RIDE OF YOUR LIFE as you watch her destroy your step children, and destroy the peace in your life as well, and if she is able she will break up your marriage or make it miserable. WHY? Because she can and it is a CHALLENGE that SHE has nothing to lose and “everything to gain.” You have EVERYTHING to LOSE and nothing to gain in the relationship with her, and because of the kids, your husband is tied to HER emotionally and legally until the kids are 18, and then emotionally forever. Even if he HATES HER,, and SEES THROUGH her, there is no way to untangle the relationship because she will use the KIDS TO HURT HIM (and you).

Yep, you were NOT WARNED so you fell into this trap because you fell in love with a man who had a “serious disease” and you didn’t know it when you married him, and I think, HE didn’t recognize what he had was a SERIOUS “DISEASE.”

Psychopaths spread their pain like a contagion of disease to anyone they come into contact with. Welcome to our world! Sorry you got “infected.” It is a chronic disease in cases like yours where you are attached trying to save the kids from the “disease” being fatal to them, and to your marriage. It will require hard work on your part and some bit of luck. My prayers for you and your family. (((hugs)))

Everything you said ox is so true. I’m in that situation. But I have learned to detach and disengage and luckily my husband is the greatest kindest man in the world. He just got trapped by a sociopath. And I think she may have brain washed him. He didnt know what a healthy loving and giving relationship was. He was always trying to give give give and do do do everything for me like he did with the ex. It wasnt normal, tho sweet. Now we are on the same page and he has been able to let go of feeling he has to “do it all” and we work together as a team. Things aren’t perfect but nothing is. But together we are able to not take the sociopaths bait and work as a team. There is hope…

I wanted to post that if you are on this site and you are truly dealing with a Sociopath, never tell anyone else you are getting help from this wonderful site. I have not told a single person I am on this site. No ex’s. Not a single relative. Not a current ex who is a friend. No one. If people are stalking you, never let them know what sites you visit and never stalk them in return.

I like to talk to some family and a couple of friends. But, none of them know I am here. And, if they stalked me to here by somehow having access to my IP address or what I type on my computer, I would be the earliest member here, so they would be new and prove that they were stalking me here. That is how I see safety in keeping my secrets when dealing with potential sociopaths or stalkers or even nosy people who might be curious to see what I write here. I don’t want that and I hope no one else here wants that either. In my opinion, lovefraud should be our secret.

Self protection is our watchword, fightsie. Absolutely. No ” outing” sociopaths is permitted here by Donna and that is as it should be. The community works together here to protect its members fortunately. And I agree that victims need to protectthemselves by not revealing to their abusers or mutual contacts that they are member of any site which exists to support victims of abusive relationships.

Hi Lightsie,

Yes, that is true and I am glad to be on this site.


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