From prison, killer posts photos on Facebook

Justin Walker is a convicted murderer, serving 30 years in an Oklahoma prison for killing a sheriff. After the murder, he and his accomplice reportedly sang the song, “I Shot the Sheriff.” In prison, he managed to acquire a Blackberry, and posted photos of himself  on Facebook.

Read Convicted murderer Justin Walker’s Facebook page has been disabled by the social network on

See the photos on Justin Walker (Pictures): Convicted murderer posts pics from prison on Facebook on

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Dear Hollowaters,

Go o n the left of the screen and just start looking at articles, there are over 700 of them here, I suggest you read just the articles themselves at first by subject (the ones by date only go back for 1 year) they go back to the start…and save reading all the comments for later. LOTS of information and scientific studies but there is sti9ll lots more to learn. The main thing is applying what we already know to our lives and getting away from them.

It starts out learning ab out them and becomes learning about ourselves. We weren’t stupid but there was something made us vulnerable to them. We need to fix that hole in our armor! Learn to spot the predator, see the red flags and TAKE COVER! Plus, it takes time and work. Don’t rush yourself!

Oxy D (it’s sticking, sorry):


I have ran onto quite a few sociopaths myself, but none of them stick around to bother with me. I challenged all of them, and lost to one, my boss.

I can relate to Snowflake too. My mother is a serious narcissist.

This is freakin ridiculous. There should be NO television, radios, computers, and especially not cell phones. They can be doing illegal business over the phone. These people are not to be given the same rights and freedoms as those of us law abiding citizens walking around on the outside. Kids idolize celebs like Lil Wayne, who go to jail and then come out saying how prison is NO BIG DEAL. Kids are already afraid of nothing these days. There is a huge problem with youngsters age 13-25 in my city who have no respect for human life whatsoever. They’ll shoot you for looking at them wrong. They are big tough guys running around with illegal firearms until the get shot themselves, and then they come to the trauma unit on a stretcher bleeding and crying for mama. Our tax dollars are supporting this nonsense. Any C.O. who would let an inmate get away with having a phone should be terminated and never allowed to work in any area of law enforcement ever again. Prisoners having cell phones reminds me of my patients who get their friends to bring them some street drugs into the hospital so they can shoot up and get high through their central lines!

Dear Nolonger! AMEN sista!

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