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From prison, killer posts photos on Facebook

Justin Walker is a convicted murderer, serving 30 years in an Oklahoma prison for killing a sheriff. After the murder, he and his accomplice reportedly sang the song, “I Shot the Sheriff.” In prison, he managed to acquire a Blackberry, and posted photos of himself  on Facebook.

Read Convicted murderer Justin Walker’s Facebook page has been disabled by the social network on

See the photos on Justin Walker (Pictures): Convicted murderer posts pics from prison on Facebook on

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Ox Drover

The Internet must have up 50 different stories about this arrogant jerk wad, and his face book page which has been up at least since September when some of his friends commented about it…one “stupid” girl was amazed at how great prison must be if Justin could have a phone! LOL

I sent a copy of this link to my attorney that I have hired to fight the upcoming January parole hearing for my own convict son, who also had a cell phone and an e mail account and internet access up until the fall late of 2005 apparently when he got caught with the phone. Actually, I’m surprised that HE didn’t have a face book account–guess he didn’t think about it.

Walker is a particularly violent and arrogant example of the worst of the worst on the “psychopathic bell curve” I think, probably scoring up there with Charlie Manson and a few like that, but unfortunately, he is NOT a UNIQUE EXAMPLE of this, just one that Made the news.

What also amazes me is that after shooting and killing a sheriff, he ONLY gets 30 years????What do you have to do in Oklahoma to get life behind bars? Sheesh!


I may be asking for some information that you don’t wish to disclose, but where do you live Oxy (hope you don’t mind the nickname :p)?

Where I live, there are some criminals that do worse things, and still get considerably light sentences. Depends on the jury, the judicial system, and even the judge, county, police, etc. Not to stereo-type that state, but from what I have heard about it (sister is married to a guy from there) she claims it is pretty crooked.

Getting a hold of a cell phone is pretty common too, sadly. My parents work in the prison system, have been since before I was born (I’m 23). The CO and wardens can be just as crooked as the prisoners. The make deals, and hand out phones like it is nothing.

Is your son the “sociopath”?

Ox Drover

Dear Snowflake,

My story is all over this blog for 3 and ahalf years! My son is in prison for murder (1992) and he sent a former cell mate of his to infiltrate my family like a Trojan horse by renting a small rental property from me…it worked and the guy and my P-son got my egg donor (mother) to believe them and on and on, longggg story, but short end, the TH-P tried to kill my freeworld biological son and was screwiing his wife who bought the weapon, they both went to prison/jail.

Yep, I know the guards and the wardens can be and often are psychopaths as well.

My son got “life” which in Texas (where he is) means AT THAT DATE 15 years and then parole elgible, now it is 30 years and parole possibility, but he came up in 2004 and got a 4-yr set off, and comes up again in jan 11, I have hired a HIGH DOLLAR AND COMPETENT parole attorney to FIGHT his parole, this guy also knows what a psychopath is and knows my P son is a psychopath and I have all the documentation, including letters to his ex con buddy telling how to manipulate the family, photos made from his cell phone INSIDE HIS CELL and e mailed out, his medical records where he is diagnosed as Anti Social personality disorder, and I’ve done a lot of other stuff to get records, showing that the Trojan horse had sent him money to his commissary account and was actually on his visiting list even though he was an ex con, as long as he was not ON parole he could legally visit…I think I have my ducks in a row to get a 5 yr set off this time too….but if he ever gets out Ii am screwed because he WILL come after me, if I was surrounded with machine guns it would not matter, if he can find me he will die trying to kill me and still think he has “won.”

If your folks have worked in the prison system I am sure you know what i am talking about. My son had EVERY advantage in life from private schools to good looks and exceptional IQ and supportive extended family and he unfortunately had the genetics and the determination to become a thug and a psychopath and a thief and a killer before he turned 21 in prison. I just wish he was DOING LIFE WITHOUT PAROLE —

He h as psychopaths on both sides of the family, mine and his father’s, and my P-sperm donor though he never went to prison for murder killed at least two people I KNOW OF but because he was very well known in his field, and very wealthy, got away with a lot of things that were illegal, immoral and horrible. Money, lack of fear of consequences, and arrogance work for a lot of things.


All I can say to your story is wow you are a strong brave woman. You have so much will, and how happy you seem to be on the internet shows your courage. I admire that, really XD.

I had no idea it was that bad, and I am amazed at how collected you are. I am aware highly of what exactly goes on in the prison system. I just wrote my story somewhere on here, vaguely though, of how my mother may be one, though I believed her to be a narcissist. My ex possibly one too. My mother is one of the corrupt people involved in the prison system. She has so much power no one bothers to mess with her even when she is wrong.

Hopefully your son doesn’t stand a chance at getting back at you. Stay strong, which obviously you are. Your hard work will account for something in the end.

How do you do it? Damn, lol!

Ox Drover

Dear Snowflake,

Darling when I came to LF three and a half years ago I was as CRAZEEEEE as a shiat-house rat! Belive me I was anything but collected and strong, I was crying 24/7 and living in my RV that I bought for the purpose of hiding out so they couldn’t kill me, and my story was so bizzare that my therapist had to have me bring in documents and witnesses so that he could be sure I wasn’t a convincing paranoid nut jobber! Really! I am a retired advanced practice nurse with several years of experience in psych as well as medical care and belive me I have heard some strange stories and mine is one of the most out of sight, but since I came to LF I’ve heard even WORSE ones here and I heard one worse in person the other day from a woman who works for Boy Scouts where my son works and her husband was burned to death by an ex-cop former employee who got away with it two weeks after my husband burned to death in a plane crash (I was first on the spot, I heard it but didn’t see it) and then her dead husband’s x wife tried to get her business and bankrupted her just trying to defend it, so my story as bad as it is, isn’t “anything” to what some folks have been through.

Unfortunately I know way too much about the prison system and “justice” system to trust any of them, there are some good people there, but I am not sure if working there doesn’t pollute anyone who starts out normal just being around psychopaths day in and day out. But lots of Ps like that kind of POWER CONTROL job. It is nothing but a continual power-play game to them.

I’m sorry your mother is like that, my own egg donor wouldn’t rate on the PCL-R, but I am coming to see that she has a lot of the control and power aspects, the holier-than-thou do what I say or God will ZAP you aspects of that stance. I do know there is nothing I can do for her,, nothing I can do to salvage a relationship that I wish I’d had, that I didn’t even know was perverted until the scales started falling off my yes. As Jesus says they have “eyes and they see not, they have ears and they hear not.”

Each day (most days) I learn a little new that I can apply to my life, and grow a bit more, become a bit stronger, start giving more to myself without feeling selfish. Even Jesus didn’t go without food in order to feed the poor. Sometimes we forget I think that it is OK to take care of ourselves so we CAN give food to the hungry. If you give ALL your food to the poor, and starve to death, there is no good deed done in what you did, because you are then no longer able to help anyone. Sometimes we fail to see that great truth. I know I sure did, and am only realizing it is okay to feed myself so I don’t starve to death.

Too long I gave all my food to my sons and my relatives and others, and kept nothing for myself. Not a wise move, not a good move, and not a Christian move either. But I didn’t know better, and now I do know better, so I am taking care of ME so that I can be here to encourage others who are newer to this healing journey from the damage from the psychopaths. Donna was here for me when I needed her in the worst way, and I hope to pass it on to others who in turn will pass it on to still more. The psychopaths pass on the schit, so we should pass on the compassion, the caring, and the love!


Hello I’m new here. I can only say after reading through the site that I only got grazed by a spath. It’s been eight months and I’m still scared of her. A “friend” and coworker who turned my life sideways, not completely upsdide down. Although we (my husband & me) had to get a lawyer to break a lease where we lived peacefully (till she showed up) for 15 yeears and I lost my job cause of the stress from her and work & the police involved….ugh

I see so many smart and strong people here. I’ve just been reading and reading trying to get myself to learn to spot them, cause now I see they can spot me! I’ve been “slimed” twice in the last eight months, both times by women in my profession. I plan on sticking around this site to learn and maybe eventually give to you good people.

Ox Drover

Welcome Ana,

Good for you, keep- on educating yourself, it is the best way to learn and protect yourself. They can slime you in many ways and under many guises..friend, family, spouse, lover, neighbor, business partner, child or parent! Again, welcome!


Thanks for the welcome Ox Drover! I appreciate it. I’m learning to keep the heck away from them! Nuttin but trouble…


Ana-welcome here. Just read as much as you can all over the place. It will help you so much in learning how to spot them, they tricks they do to pull you in and some good ways to protect yourself from them. I learned SO much and it was a painful process that isn’t quite finished yet. I know feel like I have my ability to read people back. It got lost somewhere. I feel almost brainwashed by my ex and I can now see through the fog. Learn as much as you can! 🙂


Thank you nolongernaive, I like your name! Yes, that is what I’m doing reading and learning. I feel afraid still that she will try to get revenge somehow. She’s one twisted sister and believes SHE is the victim. So what if we had to uproot ourselves after 15 years in one place and she stole several thousand dollars from me? Even the detective who came said “oh yeah, she’s a real peice of work, you should MOVE immediatly if you can” A record of larceny dating back to the late eighties, The lies, the denial, the accusations ugh it truly was overwhelming!

Thanks for sharing with me and I will continue on here. Now fending off new ones..I read Ox Drover wrote somewhere we have a neon sign on our foreheads that attracts them… lol.. how true.

Ox Drover

Just doing a news item search and found where CHARLIE MANSON was found with a cell phone in his prison cell! He is 76 now and the photo they showed of him I wouldn’t have recognized except for the tattoo on his forehead…the official from the California prisons said there were so many inmates in California who had cell phones that it was impossible to control it! WTF????? Aren’t they in prison for goodness sakes? PRISON??? duh???

Wow! now the inmates are running the prisons and have their own cell phones! What will they think of next? FACE BOOK PAGES? MySpace! Drug deals from inside prison? Heck it will be just like a government-run housing project—oh, sorry, it already is! Excuse me if it doesn’t make me feel any safer, my P-son already got caught with a cell phone once and an e mail account and photos of himself and his cell he emailed out of his cell. I’m really surprised he didn’t have a FB page.

Ox Drover

They found another convict in Mississippi who had a FB page! Gosh, it gets more and more common! What WILL they think of next!?! Do you think maybe since it is a FELONY to have a cell phone in prison that they MIGHT WANT TO PROSECUTE THE GUARDS WHO BRING THEM IN —for a FEE of course!????

Until they start SERIOUSLY prosecuting and giving guards hard time for smuggling it will continue—Yea, Bruno, you get to go be a prisoner in the place you us’ta be a GUARD, bennnnd over!

Some prisons ARE starting to use cell phone JAMMERS in the facilities though, and until that is fully implemented the cell phone by prisoners can’t really be controlled. With a cell phone, a prisoner is just as “free” to do his illegal business from the inside as he is from the outside.


Our tax dollars at work!

There are hard working peeps who don’t have access to the luxury of a computer or internet…..
And WHY is this happening?

Ana,,,,Welcome……and steer clear of trouble girl!

Ox Drover

Yea, the comment of one of them who had the phone was “prison is so great, laying around and playing volley ball, etc. 3 hots and a cot that He might not want to leave” Yea right!

The guards are almost as bad as the inmates is part of the problem, and they smuggle things in for money and if they get caught, they don’t get prosecuted. They should get prosecuted!

Wonder what percentage of the guards are psychopaths that score 30 or more on the PCL-R? 25% of the prisoners are 30+, and average score is 22 (normal is <5) so I can see how being around them all day would be detrimental to your mental health, but still, I don't think it would make you one unless you were turned that direction to start with. Liane Leedom's X husband married the prison NURSE for goodness sakes! LOL What does that say about the nurse? Marry an inmate? DUH!!!! What does that say about how slick he is? yuaaaaahhhhhh! Makes you want to scream doesn't it!?!


I truly doubt the man was that slick (in reference to the comment above my own). It was more than likely the stupidity and lonliness of the nurse. Her mental state was probably far from “normal”.


Constant doubting Tom are we?

Ox Drover

You can read Dr. Liane Leedom’s story here on LF about this guy, and he was pretty slick to fool her, she’s no one’s fool for sure (True Love Fraud Stories) I agree though that she was obviously not too cautious if she would get involved with ANY inmate! You’d think she would have had sense enough not to get involved with an inmate in the place she worked! DUH!


Hollowaters –
I don’t necessarily disagree with what you say about the nurse (perhaps she was all of those things, given that her experience as a prison staffer ought to have shown her the dregs of society and what they are capable of and given that she WOULD have know what he had done to be in there in the first place), but you really need to read Liane’s full story on here to understand that her ex-husband (who pretended – among other cons – to be a doctor when he wasn’t) is DEFINITELY slick – an ultimate and bad-to-the-bone con artist. NO DOUBT AT ALL.

And – Liane was not stupid, or lonely or mentally disturbed.
She was just like the rest of us – she didn’t know enough about sociopathy then, but she does now.


Hah! Hello Oxy & EB!! We all just posted over one another. xx


@Erin B:
Yes, I am a doubter. I don’t take much of anything serious until I get evidence (facts, both sides of the story, etc.). I don’t put much trust into much of anything until I am given a reason to. Not to say that I am paranoid. I am far from that.

@Oxy D And Aussie: I was not aware there was a story of all of this. I just joined, I have a lot to catch up on. I will take a gander, once I figure out the configuration of this site. There is a mass amount of date to take in here.

Specifically to Aussie:
I agree with you on your comment about “The rest of us”. I surely don’t know enough about the text version of sociopathy either.

Ox Drover

Dear Hollowaters,

Go o n the left of the screen and just start looking at articles, there are over 700 of them here, I suggest you read just the articles themselves at first by subject (the ones by date only go back for 1 year) they go back to the start…and save reading all the comments for later. LOTS of information and scientific studies but there is sti9ll lots more to learn. The main thing is applying what we already know to our lives and getting away from them.

It starts out learning ab out them and becomes learning about ourselves. We weren’t stupid but there was something made us vulnerable to them. We need to fix that hole in our armor! Learn to spot the predator, see the red flags and TAKE COVER! Plus, it takes time and work. Don’t rush yourself!


Oxy D (it’s sticking, sorry):


I have ran onto quite a few sociopaths myself, but none of them stick around to bother with me. I challenged all of them, and lost to one, my boss.

I can relate to Snowflake too. My mother is a serious narcissist.


This is freakin ridiculous. There should be NO television, radios, computers, and especially not cell phones. They can be doing illegal business over the phone. These people are not to be given the same rights and freedoms as those of us law abiding citizens walking around on the outside. Kids idolize celebs like Lil Wayne, who go to jail and then come out saying how prison is NO BIG DEAL. Kids are already afraid of nothing these days. There is a huge problem with youngsters age 13-25 in my city who have no respect for human life whatsoever. They’ll shoot you for looking at them wrong. They are big tough guys running around with illegal firearms until the get shot themselves, and then they come to the trauma unit on a stretcher bleeding and crying for mama. Our tax dollars are supporting this nonsense. Any C.O. who would let an inmate get away with having a phone should be terminated and never allowed to work in any area of law enforcement ever again. Prisoners having cell phones reminds me of my patients who get their friends to bring them some street drugs into the hospital so they can shoot up and get high through their central lines!

Ox Drover

Dear Nolonger! AMEN sista!

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