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Gary Lindsey, with a history of domestic violence, killed four children and himself

Gary Wayne Lindsey Jr., 35, of Orlando, Florida, beat and threatened his girlfriend — again. On June 12, 2018, he followed through, shooting and critically injuring a cop, killing four children, and then killing himself.

Ciara Lopez, 31, mother of the four children, fled her apartment and ran to a convenience store to call 911. “I don’t want to leave them alone there for too long because he might do something,” she said.

Police arrived, and there was a 23-hour standoff. The end was tragic.

Lindsey had a history of domestic violence. He was already under community supervision after burning down the house he shared with a previous girlfriend. And he was charged with aggravated assault after a fight with another girlfriend.

Lindsey was clearly disordered. Yet he was able to stay out of jail, and eventually did the unthinkable.

‘I don’t want to leave them alone … he might do something’: Devastating 911 call of mom saying her boyfriend had four kids and a gun — hours before he killed them all during ensuing police standoff, on

He escaped domestic violence charges, then killed four kids, on

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