Gen. Jeffrey Sinclair charged with sex abuse and threats

A female Army captain testified against her former superior, Gen. Jeffrey Sinclair of the 82nd Airborne Division, detailing how he abused and  tried to control her. Prosecutors say Sinclair was involved with five different women. Lovefraud readers will recognize the descriptions of his behavior.

Jeffrey Sinclair Trial: Sex Crime Victim Says U.S. Army General Threatened To Kill Her, on

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OxD, thanks so much. Bankruptcy is a Federal thing, so it’s pretty much the same across the board. I think it depends upon what state properties may be held in, and under what circumstances. Since one property is in foreclosure, the property that I’m living at is my primary residence.

Yeah……I agree with Skylar’s perspective that spaths never do anything for the benefit of someone else. They aim to not only win, but to cause the other party (no matter whom it is) to not only lose, but to die. And, your perspective that it’s “squirrely” is sensible. The attorney was apparently unaware of several particulars, including a date for the divorce AND a standing TRO. And, he was very insistent that this was “a freebie” and that I needed to ACT NOW to HAVE MY DEBTS WIPED OUT. HURRY. HURRY. HURRY!!!!!

Uh……. no. The exspath used to pressure me to make snap decisions while always disdaining ANYONE that made snap decisions without thinking them through. Of course, he didn’t stand there and say, “Truthspeak, you need to make this decision, immediately!” But, the pressure was very subtle and VERY heavy – always, when these uneducated decisions were made, I was recovering from some sort of serious physical condition and very, very vulnerable.

And, at long last, the divorce attorney has apparently “Done Something” to put this decision of my on hold. I LOVE the idea of having him write up a contract and then never signing it. LMAO!!!!! If there’s anything that I can do to waste his time and wrack up the spath’s attorney’s fees, I’m open to suggestions. I’ve been SO farking damaged throughout this process that it’s about farking time that HE felt some discomfort, and the only way for him to feel discomfort is when his wallet gets lighter.

Thanks so very, very much for the support and encouragement. I KNEW I wasn’t losing my mind when this whole thing “felt” wrong.

Brightest blessings

OxD, this is WAY, WAY off-topic, but is there anything that can be done to redirect a dog that compulsively yips and barks at dust motes? Um…………yeah………….just asking.

She’s a squirrely (snicker) bird dog that is OCD about knots in the wood paneling and biting furniture. Weirdo dog, to be sure.


Sounds like anxiety and/or boredom to me…you might want to put her outside or crate train her if she is tearing up furniture.

My new dog is still a pup and very much into chewing so am still working with her and she is never loose in the house without one of us having literally an EYE on her every move. I am slowly increasing the time she is loose, but still she is confined to ONE room with one of us in there with her at all times.

I use a pet CAGE instead of a regular “crate” because the cage is “see through” so she feels, sees and smells everything in the room around her, where the crate would keep her from seeing so much. You may have to put the dog in the crate for 1 minute at a time and then increase it to two minutes, and give her a chewie while she is in there. Also, I feed my dogs in a crate/cage and that is the ONLY place they get fed. I leave the food in there 10 minutes, then remove any of the left over food til the next feeding time. That way they associate the crate/cage with food (good).

Maybe that would help. Good luck.

ps about bankruptcy, I know it is a federal thing, but each state also has different rules that go along with it as well so check out your STATE”s specific rules as well as the federal rules.

By putting YOUR home into a joint bankruptcy with him I cannot see any benefit for YOU at all. If you have a load of debt to discharge, YOU have debts, then I think YOU might want to file separately from him.

How his bankruptcy affects your home/property depends on the title to that property….

The old “Hurry, hurry, don’t miss out on this one time deal” sounds to me like he is trying to rush/scare you into falling for a deal that is going to help him, but screw you.

OxD, I thoroughly agree. He’s anticipating my making a fear-based decision in a big farking hurry, and this time it’s not going to happen.

Anxiety and boredom……yup. Not my dog, but I’m dog-sitting, and she’s a pip, I tell you. These bird dogs – LOVE them, but they are crazier than shithouse rats!

Thanks, again……what a bolster of encouragement and support from everyone, and I cannot describe how much I appreciate it. Seriously.

Brightest blessings – time for a stagger with the dawg…..

Just an update on my most recent b.s. I want to thank everyone for their insightful input. And, I am TRULY grateful for this site. In a previous life, I would have had an overall meltdown and buckled under the weight of the fear that had been foisted upon me.

I am not going to stand for this, anymore. Dammit, I’ve been dealt enough bad hands in this poker game, and I’m quite and thoroughly done with playing. I’m standing up and walking away from this table and all of the players can scrap over the 3 chips that I”m leaving on the table.

Ttttzzzzzzzzzzz! Pffffffffffffffft! I’m out, and I SO much value all of the insight!

Brightest blessings


You are SO right – whomever said it – spaths never do anything to help somebody else, or for their benefit. EVER.

If they do anything, it is with manipulative intent.

Athena, I wish that I could find the comment to copy/paste that pretty much said that spaths do NOTHING to assist others and that they don’t just want to “WIN,” but that they want to bury their targets. That made SO much sense when I read it that it pretty much put the brakes on the Anxiety Train and caused me to stop and think, rather than REact.


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