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George Zimmerman arrested again

George Zimmerman

George Zimmerman

George Zimmerman of Florida, who was acquitted in the death of Trayvon Martin in July, 2013, has been arrested for domestic violence. Since the verdict:

September 2013 Arrested for threatening Shellie Zimmerman, his estranged wife, and her father.

November 2013 Arrested for domestic violence against his girlfriend, Samantha Scheibe.

September 2014 Arrested for road rage.

January 2015 Arrested for domestic violence. The victim was not named.

George Zimmerman is arrested for ‘hurling a wine bottle at his girlfriend’ in domestic dispute, on


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George Zimmerman is the most watched unconvicted man in America. His girlfriend knows she’s got power over him. Every conflict is hyper-reported by news. And I don’t trust the news to report about him. So far, it’s pretty much a smear campaign using a bunch of pejorative words. Seems to me that if George was as bad as they are trying to paint him, he’d have done WAY more than this crap. Wish the cops and the news watched my ex like they do George. There would be a WHOLE lot more to report.


im with u, Not. hes a non-news item. they should follow babydaddy spath for some real news.
oh well, instead of looking at the real issues in this killing case, theyll keep the cams on trayvon.
how american.


I think he is violent and should be exposed. He has NO qualms killing and pointing guns at people. He is a violent criminal.


Thank you for sharing that link, Donna. I must say that the guy has a lot to be angry about. I would be angry too if I had been falsely accused of murder, been called a racist by the president and media, been exposed to the terrible legal system we now have and been vilified on TV and all other media. Yes indeed, I would be angry too and I might even throw something and break it. It sounds like that is all he did. Anger in has almost become a crime in America. Anger does not make a psychopath. Some psychopaths seem to have no anger, they do their evil by sweet talking and mind games. I am disappointed to see so much equating anger with psychopathy. Psychopaths may use anger but I doubt that most even feel it. It takes hurt, injustice or pain to cause anger. And sometimes that hurt, injustice or pain is just too much to control. That alone does not mean that a person is dangerous or a psychopath.

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