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Georgia boy found hidden in father’s house after four years of captivity

jean_boy_dad2Gregory Jean, Jr, 13 of Jonesboro, Georgia had been missing for four years. Then, after a call from his mother,  Clayton County Police Sgt. Joanne Southerland found him  in a hidden space between the garage and the attic of his father’s home. The boy had allegedly been held against his will and abused.

The boy’s father, stepmother and three teenage children were all arrested for false imprisonment, cruelty to children and obstruction of an officer, Police Chief Gregory Porter said.

Boy found behind fake wall: ‘Thank you’ to rescuers, from USA Today.

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WOW an entire HOUSE full of spaths! Good going, mom. You done learned your kids up good. To be a sicko like you.
That poor kid.
Why did they even keep him alive? If they hadn’t had to produce him in the last FOUR years to get that welfare check, why not just kill him? Ah, cudn’t torture him then? Where’s the fun in that??
A huge magnifying glass on the ineptness and corruption in the all governing agencies involved. Like, he’s not been to SCHOOL in F.O.U.R. years. Someone kinda mite have noticed?
And another glaring example of the system DOES NOT WORK.
Poor child.

Note – the above comment is sarcasm.


Thanks to a woman officer, Clayton County Police Sgt. Joanne Southerland, this boy was saved and a case of Welfare fraud discovered. Can you imagine kidnapping and holding a child hostage to get a Welfare check? No one but a psychopath (a bunch of psychopaths in this case) could do this or do what this step-mother did to her own child. She should have been in jail for life for her first offense instead of getting probation and Welfare. But she was set free to abuse again. Now they all need to go to jail for life. Psychopaths cannot be cured.

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