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Gerard Baden-Clay receives life in prison for murdering wife


Gerard Baden-Clay, 43, of Australia, was found guilty for the murder of his wife, Allison. The verdict closed a case about sex, lies and murder that gripped the city of Brisbane for two years.

Gerard and Allison had been married for 20 years, had three kids and ran a real estate business together. They looked fine on the outside, but behind closed doors they were nearly bankrupt and he was involved with another woman for many years.  Allison, who was trying to keep everything together, was found dead under a bridge.

Baden-Clay received a life sentence for the murder of his wife.

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Gerard Baden-Clay given life sentence for murder of wife Allison, from

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Such a awful story…glad he is going to jail for a long time.

Donna, that you might be interested in this interview….if you go to Freedom of Mind (Steven Hassan) facebook page there is an excellent podcast posted of an interview with Dr Drew (the Dr Drew Show) & Steven Hassan. Here is the description of the show:

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