German heiress testifies about being conned

Susan Klatten, whose family owns large stakes in BMW and the chemical firm Altana, testified about the Swiss gigolo, Helg Sgarbi, who conned her out of £6.2 million. Sgarbi boasted at his trial that he could “read women like a map.”

Read I handed over £6.2m to gigolo out of love for him: Heiress tells how conman turned blackmailer on

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OxD, independence is something that I SO did not learn. The first exspath even said it with his own mouth, “I want you to rely upon me for everything.” The second spath assured me, repeatedly, that I was “never to worry” about anything – that he would care for me. LMAO!!!!

Bottom line is this: keep monies private except for joint bills. Although this will never be an issue for me, I would never co-mingle my personal funds with another person, again. EVER. And, I will NOT discuss my financial issues with anyone, either. Maybe 3 people know what my current financial situation is, and many more know about the second exspath’s frauds and forgeries, but I am playing my cards mighty close to my vest, forever.

Perhaps, this is what’s so difficult to overcome: the trust issues. At this point, I don’t much care about trusting other people. I just want to get through this and out the other side.

It might be important to note that the exspath (current one) very much wanted to appear successful and affluent – at MY expense. In fact, towards the end, the female-ex-con-slash-sociopath-slash-domestic-abuser was actually telling people who were customers of hers that the exspath and I were “rolling in it.” I never gave that impression, and I never spoke to her about my finances until I was in a very, very bad situation, and then everyone in the County knew about it within hours.

The exspath made numerous large-ticket purchases which he glibly explained away as having made overtime wages, set money aside, saved income tax refunds, etc., etc., ad nauseum. Because I trusted this person, I never questioned these purchases. I even agreed to some of the purchases in an effort to support and encourage his interests.

Well, boys and girls, this is a SCREAMING red flag: if a potential partner whines about something that they want or an interest that they have that requires significant outlay of cash, it’s a bad situation from the gate. The exspath made very few purchases using his own funds to support my interests – nearly all of my supplies came from my own private account.

When someone begins asking questions or leading a conversation into the topic of money, finances, and self-sufficiency, it’s time to break out the firehose and put that flame RIGHT the hell out.

When my late husband and I got married, I had known him for 20+ years but We had a pre-nup drawn up. During the 20+ years that we were married we did co-mingle finances some, but I was still protected from his kids, x wife, etc. and in such a way that I was not hung out to dry and could NOT be hung out to dry.

Actually, if we had gotten a divorce, he could have taken his suitcase to his taxi to have left me. LOL I also had my reserve funds that were MINE…even though we were in a joint funds state the pre nup made them mine, not ours. He was 15 years older than me and I actually expected to out llive him, but he also would have been protected if I had died first.

I have my “reserve” fund and will not touch it unless I am running from wolves….I will never ever again depend on anyone to “take care of” me. I think EVERY person should have their “reser4ve” funds. Male or female. Married or single.

I loved and trusted my first husband, but still…”you never know” what will happen. Mental illness or any other thing that might happen. My first husband was a good man, but he became mentally ill and his P father took over and financially raped me and my kids. It took me 7 years to pull out of the abyss that he threw me into, so once I pulled out of that, I never again got to where I was dependent on anyone else for a roof over my head.

I think adults should be responsible for themselves.

OxD….thank you so much for sharing. We talk a lot about the emotional devastation, but the financial damages wrought by spath entanglements is just part and parcel of the whole ugly experience, I think. I don’t know of ONE spath survivor that didn’t experience some sort of financial damage along with the emotional wreckage.


Truthspeak, Over the years I sent my son Patrick commissary money in the amounts of $150 monthly, plus $500 for this or that….and it amounted up to quite a large some over the nearly 20 years that I financed him. Probably to the tune of $30 thousand or more…during the nearly 20 years I sent him money.

It wasn’t horribly huge in the scope of things, but more than enough. I’d like to have that money back…and the egg donor cost me about $50K to run from her and the other psychopaths, so it turned out to be a significant sum of money in the end. Plus, I have to spend money to buy security and so on, so it does cost money that I could well use for other things. I’m just glad that I do have the reserve funds to meet these expenses. Without them I would be living in a culvert or under a bridge.

I did make some poor choices in the family trust, but at least Patrick can’t get that unless he kills me. LOL I’m going to do the best I can to see that doesn’t happen. If I can outlive my egg donor, I am “home free” and he can hunt me till hell freezes over and never fiind me. If I don’t out live her, I won’t care anyway. LOL

To Northsea:
I am not on this site much – however I saw your comment to me.

I hope my posting from this guy was an insight to you and that you made the choice to stay away. Something is not right with his story.

Northsea, don’t know if you are aware, but if you want to contact someone, do it through Donna rather than post an e mail on the blog for a troll to pick up. I suggest that you delete (hit the edit button under your post) your direct contact information and ask donna at [email protected] dot com to pass on any information you think Czarinamom might need. She isn’t on here right now as far as I know, haven’t seen a post by her in some time past. Thanks.

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