Get out of jail, commit murder

It seems that every time Raymond Harris of Carpentersville, Illinois, gets out of jail, he tries to kill a woman. He allegedly succeeded last month, and then took the elderly woman’s engagement ring to propose to his girlfriend.

Read Raymond Harris stole murdered nurse’s wedding ring to propose to his girlfriend, prosecutors say, on

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the phoenix

Wow, what timing. Just this morning as I was leaving my neighborhood, there was a small van with a trailer, a guard and two inmates working on the roadway clearing the drainage ditch area.

I found myself thinking, “Try not to be judgemental about the inmates. They are men. Maybe not so much ‘bad men’, but men that had done bad things. Maybe not even so much bad things, but bad enough that they got caught and now are being ‘punished’ for it.”

Then to read about a freak like this that has certainly done bad things, repeated the process a couple of times and definitely Should be in jail… yet the parole board had the nerve and convenience of seeing only what they chose to allowing him out to commit murder again? Maybe there should be some accountability on their part in this as well. That’s just messed up!

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