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Getting away with cyber crime

An Ohio man created several fake identities, impersonating American soldiers, and scammed multiple women. He admits that he did it. But because the victims were in scattered jurisdictions, and because the guy did not use the U.S. Mail, no one will prosecute him.

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Ox Drover

There are a lot of “fraud” type crimes that are either not prosecuted or are plead down to “nothing”—-it amazes me that Bernie Madoff was actually prosecuted since his crimes were financial and “fraud” rather than a liquor store robbery.

Our “IN-justice” system which almost ignores “non-violent” crime and down plays violent crime, literally makes me ill. Just as that rapist who became a murderer-rapist that took photos of Liane Leedom when she was a kid was let out of prison after rape, so then became a rapist-murderer and more young women died because he got “another chance” after proving he was violent and dangerous. When is enough enough?


They can run…….but you CAN”T HIDE.

Eventually……they DO get their shiat fed to them….eventually.

Ox Drover

Dear EB!!!!




….sounds like what he is expecting (but doesn’t know yet) is some jail time! All so intriguing!!!!

Can’t wait for the next chapter! (totally out of the loop here)

Meanwhile, are you enjoying the over abundance of white stuff?
Sheeesh, I have four shovels down, and counting, for this winter.




R I P Elizabeth Taylor – I will miss you forever…..

Ox Drover

She was probably one of the most beautiful women the world has ever seen *(by our standards of “beauty” in the west) but with what? 6-7 marriages and how many affairs both married and unmarried I can’t say that I think she ever led a happy or satisfied life in spite of her money and her fame and beauty.

She was a fair actress most of the time, and some of her stuff will remain “classic” for probably all time as an example of that genre of films.

I hope she does RIP as I don’t think she had much in the way of peace while she was here—maybe excitement and high excitement, but I don’t think she had much peace.


“She lived a great life and died wealthy, unforgotten, with her family (all four children) around her. Where do I sign.” … Joan Rivers on her friend, Elizabeth Taylor.

R I P Dame Elizabeth.


This miscreant proves beyond doubt that you don’t have to be a psychopath to be a conman. He’s got some other mental condition, and he obviously does have some kind of a conscience. He’s had second thoughts about what he’s been up to and made restitution to some of his victims. He even thinks he ought to be punished for what he did! How about that? That new medication they’ve got him on now must be working wonders for him! So at least there’s a bit of good news in this story.

Unfortunately a change of heart like that is far too much to hope for with most of the bunco artists who infest our world.

What gets me though is how incredibly GULLIBLE some of these victims are, how vulnerable they leave themselves. I can certainly see how people can fall for certain scams, but sending KEYS TO THEIR HOME to a person they’d never even MET, who’s obviously soliciting DONATIONS of some kind? Even if they were ALLEGED to be in a good cause. I can’t imagine doing such a thing!

Many people need to take better care of their own security, just on principle. They need to get aware that there are WOLVES out there in the forest!

Come to think of it, I can hear coyotes howling pretty close to our house most nights. Do you think that helps to raise awareness of predators in general?

Ox Drover

Dear Redwald,

There are some scams that I personally would NEVER FALL FOR, and there are others that I probably WOULD. Some person who said they were a soldier (male or female) and that they were in love with me, or needing money to come meet me—that would never be one I would fall for.

But that said—I am here because I did fall for A SCAM (actually several scams) by PSYCHOPATHS….

I have seen people interviewed on TV and read about others who were scammed by scams that I, personally, could see through like a piece of glass….but I do realize now that the scam that will catch YOU might not interest me at all, and the scam that will catch ME might not interest you at all.

Scams sort of have to be tailored to fit the individual, just like a piece of clothing is not “one size fits all” neither are scams.

I used to feel VERY SUPERIOR to women who went back to men who beat them—over and over. But I came to realize that I was NOT SUPERIOR at all…..I fell for the lies and the scams of my P-son, my P-sperm donor my enabling egg donor, and my P-BF, and I wasn’t a whit superior to those women, it was just that MY PARTICULAR weak point was NOT a spouse that would hit me.

I sort of saw myself in the face of the hypocritical Pharisee in the Story Jesus told about the two men, that Pharisee, and a publican, both praying in the Temple. The Pharisee, very narcissistically stood before God and said “Thank God I am not a sinner like that publican (tax collector)” where the publican, threw himself on the floor of the temple and humbly asked God to “have mercy on me, a sinner.” I am now still aware of the wolves, but realize that the obvious wolves are not the only danger in the forest…there are snakes out there that I don’t see as well. I don’t think it is the OBVIOUS DANGERS (each of us see different obvious dangers) that snare us, but those that for whatever reason WE DON’T SEE.

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