Girl killed in grisly trailer park murder

Nine-year-old Aliahna Lemmon and her two sisters were being cared for by Michael Plumadore, 39. When Aliahna disappeared, Plumadore called the police, then told stories that didn’t add up. He eventually confessed to murdering the girl and hacking up her body.

Read Babysitter kept Aliahna Lemmon’s head in his freezer, on

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It’s interesting how we, on LF, can see right through the BS. We KNOW how the spaths are. Been there done that.

They say they trusted the murderer but it looks like they really didn’t care. I would take it a step further: they WANTED something bad to happen because it provides drama. The child was sacrificed in the name of drama. That’s what all these freaks do. They know full well what’s going to happen because they’ve been through the cycle, they recognize other abusers. But they like it. Whether they do it consciously or subconsciously (or a little of both) it doesn’t matter. The only hope in stopping it, is if they are held responsible.

When I was 15 my spath parents KNEW I was dating pedophiles and they were hoping something terrible would happen to me. They knew I hitchhiked everwhere and they didn’t care. I finally saved my money and bought a crappy car for $250. I didn’t even have a license and the car was about ready to fall apart. They realized that if I had an accident, they would be liable so they stepped in and made the seller buy the car back. It’s only when there are consequences TO THEM that these kinds of people will protect their kids.

That is why I say there is no such thing as an EX-convict, or EX-criminal, I’m sorry but as far as I am concerned, I would never trust a person who has been rightly convicted of a felony.
I realize, as well that there ARE people who do “clean up their act” and go straight, but they are FEW AND FAR BETWEEN, I am sorry I do not think that there is any excuse for “parents” like this child had, and I do think it was just “not caring” and not having the ability or desire to NURTURE your children.

I’ve had the flu for a week, but my kids were with ME, not some man, some ex convict that I knew, but look at what the family considered normal or okay….grandpa was a pedophile. Grandpa’s ex cell mate’s friend was their friend.

That little girl didn’t stand a chance, and in my opinion neither do her sisters. God bless them.

mama did not have the flu. a nine year old would have been a help to her if she did.
by that age, i was cooking for the whole family, doing all the dishes, and taking care of the baby.

mama wanted daughter out of her house. she GAVE her to that pedo. or sold her.

i agree all the stuff they said on news was just covering their a* (i dunt know is their defense.) b/c there had better be charges filed against ma and pa. they provided her as a target to be killed. poor wee girls were fish in a barrel for predators.


nobody except US “gets” it!!

Sorry for the rant and the yelling. But it makes me sick. There is no question that it is a nest of spaths. No question at all.

WHO in the H E double toothpicks set up that donation box? I would like the little girl to have a funeral but councelling for FAMILY!! The best that could happen is to remove the remaining children. Sick. Am feeling SO sick. I am SO P.O’d

Little darling. RIP little one.

A curse of vipers be upon the perpetrators and protectors of these people.

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