Girl raped, then shamed; perp finally convicted

Back in 1997, Ernest Willis, a member of the Trinity Baptist Church in Concord, New Hampshire, raped his 15-year-old babysitter, also a church member. When she became pregnant, the church pastor made her stand up in front of the congregation to apologize for her immorality, and then shipped her off to Colorado.

Read Ernest Willis, convicted in shamed girl’s rape, gets 15-30 years, on

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hi oxy – i knew he was a convicted perv, and I am interested to find out the whole story behind this ‘return.’

One, Well last night my retired attorney friend who is a volunteer for CASA and other DV issues met me at the auction and I gave her copies of the circuit court “public information” documents of the Dickie Chance arrest for kiddie porn and internet stalking of a child, to give to the local newspaper editor (weekly newspaper) I talked with the editor on Friday and she said they HAD covered the arrest at the time of the arrest (I had not been able to pull it up on the internet though as their paper doesn’t appear to have archives on line) but she will get these and We will make sure it gets as much publicity as possible locally.

The thing that is AMAZING to me is that studies where they do polygraph “interviews” with convicted sexual pervs who are in prison show that they have from 110 to 300 PRIOR CRIMES that were not previously known or prosecuted. So a “first offender” is NOT A FIRST “OFFENDER,” he is a FIRST TIME “CAUGHT!” So I have no doubt that Mr. Chance is a PREVIOUS OFFENDER but just this is the first time he has been CAUGHT!

This perv in the article may have only been caught twice before but he has I am sure committed many many more crimes and this will not be the last unless he is caught and KEPT IN PRISON.

nottakingit any more,

Your observations and comments about the story of the kids suing the mother for bad mothering with their father as their attorney I think make a lot of sense. You have changed my opinion about this situation, and while I can’t be totally sure that the mother is the one being targeted, I think you make a good case for her being the victim of the father’s alienation, and of course, that would also include the kids being victims of the father as well. That’s the nice part about LF is being able to discuss these articles and situations and getting other views from my own. Thanks for your ideas and input, very interesting.

Nottaking it anymore,
I also like our observations. That’s why I want to encourage you to repost them on the correct thread. You accidenttally posted on the one about the raped girl.

I wouldn’t have mentioned it except that your comments are very insightful and it would be a shame if bloggers in the future couldn’t connect them to the story to which they pertain. After you copy and paste them to the new thread, then you could delete these if you want.

Thanks Ox Drover & skylar!

I’ll move them!

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