Girl raped, then shamed; perp finally convicted

Back in 1997, Ernest Willis, a member of the Trinity Baptist Church in Concord, New Hampshire, raped his 15-year-old babysitter, also a church member. When she became pregnant, the church pastor made her stand up in front of the congregation to apologize for her immorality, and then shipped her off to Colorado.

Read Ernest Willis, convicted in shamed girl’s rape, gets 15-30 years, on AOL.com.

Story suggested by a Lovefraud reader.

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The preacher man should be convicted as well. Too bad there’s no d*****bag law.


Oh, joyous day! My posts are finally showing up!

Hello, everyone. I’m Michael. It’s a pleasure.

Dear Michael/Myers,

Welcome to LoveFraud! Glad to have another guy in this Primarily “hen party” (sorry Hens, no pun intended!) Glad your posts are showing up, and I AGREE with you, I think the whole church membership that forced this on this girl, and ESPECIALLY her mother should all be prosecuted!

I grew up in that same kind of church and I can only imagine that I COULD have been that same little girl.

There are some web sites for the MANY GIRLS this sort of thing has happened to. This one young woman is NOT alone. Unfortunately the Baptist Conventions (group of churches) will NOT keep records or share records with other churches about ministers that have been convicted of sexual offenses. What this amounts to is that like in the Catholic Church, the ministers/priests can move from church/parish to church/parish just ahead of the law and repeat offend.

Dateline or 20/20 (one of that type of show) did a show on this particular group’s many problems a while back. I am glad to see at least ONE of these men get some prison time. I imagine he will get to experience some of the unwilling sex this girl did and maybe some of the shame…though I doubt the latter is something he will experience.

Again, welcome Michael.

Agreed Myers. Nice to meet you. I’m panther.

This happened to a friend of mine, except it was her best friend’s father when she was in high school. She never told anyone, cause she didn’t think they would believe her. She is almost 30 now and hasn’t been with a man since the jerk who raped her.

This guy is definately a “bona Fide” spath.
Quite often rapist’s will shame or humilate the victim during or after the attack. It’s sickly the way many of them hide behind the cloth
or power of the church both Protestant and Catholic ministers alike.

This has probably been going on for hundreds of years and only recently can victims come forward and name the perpetrator.
The heirarchy of the church in general was controlled by sociopaths as well who saw the church as their pinnacle of power and protected each other through the misogynist brotherhood old boy network.

What is wrong with a congregation that would accept the kind of ridicule and humiliation the pastor subjected this poor girl to? What country is New Hampshire in? What century was this in? Did her relatives throw stones at her in the parking lot? Did her mother sew a large red “A” on the front of her clothing? How brainwashed can a group of “God loving” people become?

If this case was hampered by the fact that the police did not know where the victim was, why didn’t they prosecute the pastor and mother for obstruction of justice? They knew where the girl was.

Another sad, sick story.

MiLo, I agree with you, and yes, NH is in the US, but this is NOT an isolated case. It still goes on. I can’t remember the URL to the site for the recovery of the girls (mostly girls) that this has happened to in this denomination which is pretty “mainstream” Baptist.

Believe me, I have NO DOUBT that if I had been raped and gotten preg at that age that my egg donor and the church I went to would have done the same thing….what choice does a 15 year old girl have if the mother says “you must give up the baby”? The girl is totally dependent on the parents –what’s she gonna do, take the baby and live on the street?

I agree, Milo, the parents and the preacher should have been prosecuted for obstruction as well.

Religious and spiritual persecution and abuse as well as rape and child abuse, this woman got the full Nelson when she was a child. I pray and hope for her vindication and healing and some closure now. She deserves it after what she has been through. Her mother deserves a hot spot in hell in my opinion.

If I ever feel the need to surround myself with people who live contrary to the teachings of God, then I only need to return to my church.

This young lady was abused by an entire congregation. Wow.

“Chuck” Phelps, eh? Any relation to the infamous Fred? Judging by this, they’re both messed-up characters.

How this guy even has the nerve to APOLOGIZE after he WILLINGLY raped and humiliated a girl really baffles me! It’s one thing to be raped- but what he then made her do? Made her BEND OVER FOR IT. The sin of sodom, if you recall. It’s not enough to demoralize, steal, and desicrate this girl’s innocence- but NO! She must also take responsibility for HIS sick ills! Repulsive is too light a word to characterize the amount of evil this guy embodies.The emotional component is all futzed out I suppose- it doesn’t even make sense! He’s not sorry. ( Well, duh. This alone is obvious. ) He deserves to rot in that prison cell and be made to choke on his own feces. I’m sorry for being so crass, but this guy is FILTHY. He RUINED HER LIFE!

I watched an ABC 20/20 video about this woman, Tina Anderson, applauding her for telling her side of the story. She told about how her stepfather was molesting her during her childhood. He was eventually arrested and later on, she ends up being raped by Ernest Willis. The adults in her life totally let her down, disappointed her to no end. She had to be confused, being forced to “own” somebody else’s wrong-doing, the adults shaming her, criticizing her, etc., telling her what she should feel guilty about. Too bad the grown-ups (in her world) didn’t recognize that the adult was the “sinner” and the child was the “victim.”


I saw the same show, couldn’t remember if it was dateline or 20/20, etc. the type of show is often the same…but yea, this poor woman had a horrible childhood and the public shaming by her church and her mother makes me furious.

I hope that she has been able to heal and over come such a traumatic childhood. She is not alone, there are unfortunately many young people who are abused by “family” and “friends” probably more so than by “strangers.”

Oxy and BlueJay,
I’ll bet you could talk to her mother about how wrong it was to scapegoat her daughter until you were blue in the face and she would never “get it”.

In fact, she DOES get it. All the spaths “get it”, they just think that if they continue to deny the truth long enough, it will change reality and we will follow them like sheep.

The spath who raped her says he is sorry, BUT he’s filing an appeal on his guilty verdict. hmmmm, if he’s innocent, then why is he sorry? It’s another example of saying one thing and doing another, trying to cover all their bases.

They don’t have a warped sense of justice, they simply don’t believe in justice.

Sky, that mother could have been my egg donor….that church could have been my church, …that girl could have been me. My heart weeps for that girl/woman. Her mother should have gone to prison for what she did to her daughter.

I know Oxy, I know what you went through and came out stronger in the end.
But I do believe in justice and I do believe that, “those who hunger and thirst for justice will be satisfied.”

Your spath sperm donor is getting what he paid for, in spades.

Ox Drover and Skylar,

If you google, Tina Anderson, you can find out more about her. She is happily married with three kids. I pray that her life gets better and better. What’s great is that her life hasn’t been totally ruined (her childhood was horribly disrupted) – she comes across as a well-spoken, thoughtful woman. In one article that I read, she’d like to go back to college and become a counselor, helping others overcome tragic circumstances. She’s a survivor, an overcomer.

Thanks Bluejay,
I did that and found this.

It has her statement to the police and it is very revealing about how her coercion as a teen led to her brainwashing as an adult.

The first time she believed a lie, led her down the slippery slope.

Staying COMPLETELY grounded in reality is critical. You can only stay grounded in reality if you understand spaths and how they work.


It sounds like she is involved with people who know about abusers and victims. Hopefully, she’s learning about what all of her perpetrators are, namely, sociopaths, having a clinical diagnosis for what these people truly are. She can go from there. Yes, that really is the case – if we know about these disordered people, then we’re more likely to stay “grounded” (in reality), not being swayed so easily. Many people are already at that point (being blessed with a sound perspective), seeing through the facade (and are not easily duped), while many have to unlearn some “truths” that we learned growing up (from various avenues – parents, church, school, society, etc.).


I think that you are a teacher, passing on your findings to others, your “specialty” possibly being psychopathy. God knows, your insights have been helpful to me, giving me many “aha” moments. Thank you for putting your knowledge to good use, helping others overcome their trying times.


I feel obligated to warn others since I wish to God that I had been warned earlier. There were so many who knew – at least partly – and decided I wasn’t worth the trouble.

Then there was one stranger in a sushi bar, who cared more about me than my own parents did. He explained gray rock – though he didnt’ call it that.

By teaching others about spaths, I am getting my revenge, not just on the ones who attacked me, but on ALL THE SPATHS, because eventually they will be so obvious that they’ll have no where to hide.


That’s how I feel, that the ones who knew about how the spath truly was didn’t care enough about me as a person to warn me, that “I wasn’t worth the trouble” (as you said) – it’s very hurtful. It was only when we were separated that a few of his family members shared some information with me, clearly demonstrating that he has done and will continue to do things that could land a person in jail, the kind of person I don’t want to be involved with. It makes me angry that so many of my years were spent with the spath, trying to straighen him out (at times), becoming an emotional wreck in the process, and then to find out that his family deliberately kept quiet about his true character, that shocked me.


bluejay, i saw a postcard on postsecret a while ago that read: ‘our son is a psychopath, and we have never warned any of his girlfriends.’ chilling.

As far as the exspath’s family, it’s quite possible that they don’t really know the spath. He ran away when he was 12 and only has had limited years of contact with them. One of his brother’s who was a spath, died. Another who may be a spath, is who he is partnered with now. We’ll see how that plays out. But he wears a mask so tight, that most people would not believe the extent of his evil.

Now my parents… that’s another story.
They could actually see through him because 1) they overheard him say he was only with me for my money and 2) my family history is sooooo over the top disordered that they understand this “type” of person just from experience. But they do not understand the clinical diagnosis of spaths or the entirety of what it means.

I’m not sure I made myself clear. What I mean to say is that, it takes one to know one. and they did.


What is “postsecret”?


That comment is “chilling”, a good word to describe it. This whole disorder creeps me out. I just try and not think about it, having to live with the reality of it though. It’s the pits.


good morning oxy – ‘PostSecret is an ongoing community art project where people mail in their secrets anonymously on postcards.’ the url is postsecret.com They publish a group of postcards every sunday. This started out as an art project and has become a worldwide phenom (with the creator traveling and talking about what started out as an art project; and speaking out for suicide (teen) prevention.) by and large it is a very positive movement.


bluejay – i tried to get a comment posted under it, but it didn’t happen for some reason.


I know this is off topic, but what an interesting website, PostSecret. Some of the statements that people contributed to the site made me laugh. Thanks for telling us about the website – I plan to share it with other people.



hi bluejay – it’s a very good project/ site. glad you liked it.


a child was returned to his family by a child molester……….


One/Joy, DANG!!!! Creepy!!!! I hope they catch the guy before he does another abduction. Note that the guy had previous incarcerations for sex-based crimes before and was LET OUT YET AGAIN! When are the people who write the laws going to keep these predators incarcerated!!!!!


hi oxy – i knew he was a convicted perv, and I am interested to find out the whole story behind this ‘return.’

One, Well last night my retired attorney friend who is a volunteer for CASA and other DV issues met me at the auction and I gave her copies of the circuit court “public information” documents of the Dickie Chance arrest for kiddie porn and internet stalking of a child, to give to the local newspaper editor (weekly newspaper) I talked with the editor on Friday and she said they HAD covered the arrest at the time of the arrest (I had not been able to pull it up on the internet though as their paper doesn’t appear to have archives on line) but she will get these and We will make sure it gets as much publicity as possible locally.

The thing that is AMAZING to me is that studies where they do polygraph “interviews” with convicted sexual pervs who are in prison show that they have from 110 to 300 PRIOR CRIMES that were not previously known or prosecuted. So a “first offender” is NOT A FIRST “OFFENDER,” he is a FIRST TIME “CAUGHT!” So I have no doubt that Mr. Chance is a PREVIOUS OFFENDER but just this is the first time he has been CAUGHT!

This perv in the article may have only been caught twice before but he has I am sure committed many many more crimes and this will not be the last unless he is caught and KEPT IN PRISON.

nottakingit any more,

Your observations and comments about the story of the kids suing the mother for bad mothering with their father as their attorney I think make a lot of sense. You have changed my opinion about this situation, and while I can’t be totally sure that the mother is the one being targeted, I think you make a good case for her being the victim of the father’s alienation, and of course, that would also include the kids being victims of the father as well. That’s the nice part about LF is being able to discuss these articles and situations and getting other views from my own. Thanks for your ideas and input, very interesting.

Nottaking it anymore,
I also like our observations. That’s why I want to encourage you to repost them on the correct thread. You accidenttally posted on the one about the raped girl.

I wouldn’t have mentioned it except that your comments are very insightful and it would be a shame if bloggers in the future couldn’t connect them to the story to which they pertain. After you copy and paste them to the new thread, then you could delete these if you want.

Thanks Ox Drover & skylar!

I’ll move them!

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