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Girls attack their own grandfather for inheritance

Here’s another assault on an elderly man—this one physical. A man from the United Kingdom gave his adopted daughter a privileged upbringing. Now 49, the daughter and a group of teenagers—her son, son’s girlfriend and daughters—didn’t want to wait for their inheritances. They plotted to kill the man with bricks.

Read Teenage sisters sentenced over plot to kill their grandfather, 89, on

Read Schoolgirl, 16, locked up for her part of family plot to kill grandfather to get hands on his inheritance, on

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this is unreal. :/


spaths are out of touch with reality. But that doesn’t make them any less lethal.

It’s frightening to know that they will inspire their minions to do their dirty work for them. So we don’t just have to be wary of the spaths, but of the people they are able to convince to do evil.

This reminds me of the letter my spath wrote to “God” admitting that he was the reason that others sinned.

Ox Drover

Well, having been the intended victim of my own Psychopathic son Patrick’s intended murder for inheritance plot…I don’t find this story hard to believe at all.

Yea, it is “unreal” but OH, soooo real!


I was talking to BF about stuff my spath did tonight.

He put dirt on the gears of my cement mixer. BF noted that this is almost symbolic. Throwing dirt in the gears. spaths behave in mythological ways. Stuff you would only read about in Joseph Campbells books.

Interestingly, this story is similar. The old man was “hit with a ton of bricks.”

Coincidence? Or? Why do spaths like making symbolic language become “real”?

This is a red flag. Watch for actions that reflect cliche language. They are obsessed with words that they don’t understand.

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