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Glamorizing a sociopath on TV

Now, from the world of television, ABC’s prime-time soap called Don’t Trust the B—- in Apt. 23 features a lying, manipulative woman—and apparently it’s supposed to be comedy. Here’s what Yahoo! News reports:

“Don’t Trust the B—- in Apt. 23” stars Krysten Ritter as an unpredictable New York live-wire who bullies her naive Midwestern roommate. Created by Nahnatchka Khan, one of three women credited on the writing team of six, the show seems to take stereotypes to heart (at least in the first two episodes): A woman who seems sweet and helpful at first glance is really an untrustworthy snake who’s friendly with men and cruel to women, stealing her roommate’s money in one episode and sleeping with her fiance in the next.

“It’s very clear that she’s actually a sociopath,” says Andi Zeisler, co-founder and editorial director of Bitch Magazine. “It’s not like here’s a strong, confident woman and she’s head bitch in charge. She’s actually a sociopath and she treats people horribly.”

Here’s the show website:

Don’t trust the b—- in Apt. 23

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raised by sociopath

Wow! I use to have a bully boss. She intimidates everyone.
Started out real sweet and then goes over the top to try and control people with her bizarre behavior. Everyone in her department’s neck hurts when she’s around. She always comes up to our desks really sweet with the sick smile and pleasant demeanor only to jump on you by going off on you loudly for everyone to observe. Afterwards she gets this sick smile on her face. I can’t quite place what’s going on in her sick head then goes into a room and laughs like a hyena.
She back-stabs people who are her equal in management and she’s gone after her boss too. She’s notaries for throwing people under the bus. Yet puts on such an act for other departments’ subordinates so think she’s something she definitely is not.

Goes around bragging that she has this great powerful position in her church (for me that’s a big red flag there. People who truly love God don’t go around parading their responsibilities of the church for everyone within hearing distance as to cover up their sick ungodly antics). She gets off having people fired within the organization. If you don’t go along with her you then become her target next. She plays a major part and then turns around and blames anyone else for her entertainment. In other-words a wack-job who has some power.

I feel sorry for her husband he wants to get away from her and has been trying to alert people she not nice and very controlling. He’s retired now and can’t deal with it anymore. It’s not a matter she’s unstable; this woman has been doing this forever at work (11 years now)

Ox Drover

I didn’t watch the show, and I don’t think I will more than once, though I probably will one time.

In the Good Wife, which I do watch regularly, the psychopaths are in the law firm where alicia, the lead character, works as well as the other politicians around them. It is actually pretty realistic I think and I enjoy watching it when I really don’t watch much TV.

I watched Harry’s law for a little while because I love Kathy Bates, but it got to be just another show with not much plot. More a comedy and they turned the one sociopath into a sympathetic character.

Personally the “Jerry Springer life style” is not entertainment to me and especially not comedy!


The television program, Dexter, is about a psychopath. It originally appeared on Showtime. It went to CBS, but due to the letter writing efforts spearheaded by the Parents Television Council, it was returned to cable TV. – See “Psychological Profile” in the above Wikipedia link.

At least three real-life murderers have attributed their actions to being inspired by the show. See “Connections to Actual Crimes” mentions two of them in the above Wikipedia link.

I have seen true life crime shows showcasing the murders and their connection to the TV show, Dexter.

The Parents Television Council tried hard to keep it off the program off the air. See “Criticism US broadcast” section in the Wikipedia link for Dexter (TV Series) below.

The abve Wikipedia link for Dexter (TV Series) also has a “Connections to Actual Crimes” that includes Anders Breivik, the Norwegian who bombed and massacred in Norway.

As disturbing as it is that there are people relating to the psychopath’s behavior and are going on to murder, I find it far more disturbing that this behavior is considered entertainment.

Being repeatedly exposed to this kind of P thinking and behavior numbs society. Consequently, society becomes more and more tolerant of the unacceptable, which increases the difficulty of getting the police and courts interested and involved.

The entertainment industry isn’t interested in what viewers want-it’s interested in how many sponsors it can get for its programs.

In order to stop this kind of programming, the better tactic is to direct letters of complaints to the sponsors.

This page from the Parents Television Council is about letter writing campaigns that changed what was being shown on TV.

Ox Drover

G1S I don’t have cable TV (I turned it off a week or so after my husband died, he had programs he wanted to watch that I didn’t care any thing about) so I never saw Dexter. We have discussed various movie/TV characters here and you can find the threads under the search…let me see if I can find them.

Okay guys I searched for “sociopaths in the movies” and didn’t get a result here on the LF search function…someone remember the name of that thread we did on them in movies.

I remember that I posted about “There will be blood” and it was sooooo about sociopaths.

And the “War of the Roses” was “funny” untiil it got to the end and I saw that nothing about it was funny, it was SICK.

I wonder sometimes if some people see what we have been through as entertainment…”Oh, let me tell you about the latest episode of “Oxy and her psychopathic son” you just won’t believe what he/she is doing now, I heard it directly from her mother’s lips”


A friend of mine pointed out that it isn’t just what we, as Americans, are seeing. It’s the image of us that these programs portray overseas.

Her example was a show on one of the teen/young people focused channels, like MTV. It might not have been that one, but you get the mindset.

Anyway, what she saw was a bunch of young women riding around in the back of a pickup truck, getting as drunk as possible, swearing a blue streak, and then either passing out, vomiting, or taking dumps in a bucket. They were all laughing about how fun it all was.

Imagine, she said, a country that wanted to attack the US. All they have to do is turn to our programming as examples of how life is lived in the US and where our morals and values lie. How do we think a conservative country would view a show like the example she gave?

I actually saw “War of the Roses” described on a “what’s being shown tonight” as “the funny side of a dysfunctional marriage falling apart.”

I remember “Look Who’s Talking 2” as being promoted as funny. I enjoyed the first movie so I went to see the sequel. It was so vicious and depressing. Ripping each other apart was supposed to be a laugh a minute.

When I lived in Europe, Saturday Night Live had come out. People came up to me asking if that was true – do Americans gangbang girls in the back of cars while they are riding around in the cities?

I find some of these shows funny. Two and a Half Men is particularly funny to me. Evelyn, the mother, is as narcisstic as ever…however, everyone seems to accept that and jokes galore surround her behavior. The difference between Evelyn and Eleanor (my own mother) was the evilness and intent on hurting her own offspring. There was no laughter in my home. Sigh.

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