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Glen Whitter: a piranha allegedly targeting lonely women on Plenty of Fish dating site


Glen Whitter, an unlicensed financial adviser, allegedly targets women on the Plenty of Fish dating site to defraud them out of large sums of money.

Same scenario, different victim. A single woman in her 50s looking for love. She’s been healing from a divorce for years, and is now finally ready to stick her toe in the dating waters again. She chooses Plenty of Fish (in the sea) to try her hand at online dating.

Unfortunately for Monica Draper, a 55-year-old web designer from Ontario, when she stuck her toe in the Plenty of Fish pool, she was targeted by a piranha named Glenn Whitter.

Whitter first approached Draper as a romantic partner, then became her financial adviser. He conned her out of more than $100,000, and then he disappeared.

Draper has become a one-woman detective agency, searching for Whitter. She has uncovered a string of woman who claim to be his victims as well. They have re-mortgaged their homes, poured personal savings into his investments and borrowed money on their credit cards to rent him a car and buy him groceries.

A warrant has been issued for Whitter’s arrest and court documents show he was charged with fraud and uttering forged documents.

The cost of love: Alleged fraudster leaves broken hearts, empty bank accounts, from The

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Kudos to Monica! I hope Whittier is found,charged and pays to the 10th degree!

I hope this guy is found, too, blossom4th! Good for her! I have often wondered how people can get caught up like this in financial con jobs. It seems so apparent to ‘not’ do this when you read about it. But then I had this happen, not to the $100K degree, to me when I dated someone after my divorce from the sociopath. This guy played poker as a side hobby and according to him, he’d win up to 2000K a weekend here and there. I believed him. He talked it, showed pictures, discussed his strategies and how he’d make it to the final few, etc. and how he used the earnings to pay bills, help his elderly parents with their medical bills, etc. I lent him about $2000 over the course of about a year for entry fees, a quick weekend here or there, etc. so he could keep his skills alive before then next huge tournament he’d been invited to. Always there was the assured promise that he’d pay me the fee from his winnings. Nothing. Ever. He knew how many bills I had and how much debt I was / am in from my divorce, etc. and played on this burden that I wanted to be freed from. I bought in to it because I was so desperate for extra income. And of course he loved bombed me all along as well. Looking back, I feel so slimed by all of it. Makes me sick.


The link for the article is no longer good. Will you update it please?
BTW, I’ve been conned from that site as well. It’s the playground for psychopaths!


Sociopath Pet-Sitting
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Watch out for pet-sitters…even if licensed and bonded, as this group was…they will walk off with your house.

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