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Going after predator priests

Philadelphia priests accused of sexual abuse were in court this week. Maureen Dowd of the New York Times wrote about the case. Be sure to read the comments after the article.

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Ox Drover

As most of you that have read any of my posts know, I have a particularly rabid idea of what should be done to people who abuse children—and especially people in a position of authority over kids who betray those children by sexually abusing them. Partly because of this “interest” in punishment of this kind of criminals I have followed the news stories of the pedophile priests, and I was particularly joyful to see that one place at least was also prosecuting the priests who were not themselves pedophiles but who COVERED UP for the ones who were.

If You committed a murder and I helped you hide out and “get away” I would be GUILTY of being an “accomplice after the fact,” in other words JUST AS GUILTY AS YOU. So, please tell me WHY no law enforcement has here to fore prosecuted the ones who KNEW AND COVERED UP? They are just as GUILTY as the oones who did it, and in fact, most of these people have gone on to commit more crimes in their new places, so the ones who covered up are RESPONSIBLE for those because those crimes would never have happened if they hadn’t covered up the first ones they knew about.

Religion is all about REPENTANCE and “forgiveness” of sins, but it is NOT about avoiding the consequences of those sins and when one of the sins we commit is a criminal act, we should voluntarily accept those consequences.

The damage done to children’s lives by pedophiles is so huge that it cannot be calculated except to say it is like what is happening in Japan now, it is the TRIPLE WHAMMY, it is TOTAL DESTRUCTION, some of it is visible but like the power plant melt down, some of it is NOT VISIBLE, just deadly.

There is no punishment at the hand of man that is “good enough” to be a consequence for these men (and women) who abuse children, but like some of the comments about the article, I hope there is a “hot spot in hell” for them.

Fleeced Ewe

There are those who stand in the Light of God… they reflect His Love, Kindness, Trust, Mercy, Compassion, and Zero Tolerance for evil.
Then there are those who stand BEHIND The Robe of Jesus (God)…i.e. ‘Religion”.. they use everything ‘God’ to do their dirty work. They hide behind the Truth- and they spin evil doings in the shadows where no one can see. They put forth the image of good while seething in hate and spite. How do I know this? because when my faith was used against me, when religion was used to take away my right to peace and joy-I not only threw the Baby out with the bath-water, but I hit the Baby over the head with the bucket!
It literally took a decade to heal. And it will take the rest of my life to forget what was done.

Ox Drover

Dear Fleeced Ewe,

I know your trauma wasn’t in any way funny, but your way of describing it was and I actually got a belly laugh out of it! I too hit the baby over the head with the bucket as I threw it out! That is such an apt way of describing what happened to us. Thank you for that description and the laugh.

Jesus’ descriptions of the “wolves in sheep’s clothing” was a very good example of how these people operate, using the cloak of good to cover their evil intentions and sneaking in among the good to do their dirty work.


Fleeced Ewe,
sorry you went through that. I’m Catholic. Have not found too much help in the Church because it is infested with evil, but the Gospels of Jesus are still pure. I don’t need to reject them.

I truly understand your indignation. a person in a position of authority that doesn’t have a spine also raises my hackles. it is a SCANDAL. remember that word?

But, try to stand back for just a moment and remember how convincing the spath can be. I know that you and I were never in a position of letting anyone get away with hurting a child or for that matter, doing anything against an innocent. I thank God for that because I wonder how far the spath could have convinced me to break my own moral codes. He did take me further than I could have imagined.

Remember the NY governor, the blind guy? I can see how the spath that convinced him to try to protect him from a wife beating charge, did it. They are SOOOOO convincing. I’m not saying that the other priest WASN’T a pedophile too. I’m saying that I DON’T KNOW. Those priests could have had their empathy targeted with the pity ploy. Think about it. Who the heck becomes a priest? It’s either someone with an evil agenda who knows the kind of power that he can yield as a priest. Or else it is someone who is so naive that he believes that his sacrifice and celibacy is going to change the world. Can you say SCAPEGOAT? All I can tell you is that I spent 25 mother fucking years believing everything that the most evil spath told me. I was not an idiot, I was nieve. big difference.

So I guess what I’m saying is that the pedophile should be imprisoned forever and a day but the priests who try to defend them could be just as much a victim as the rest of us. he could be just nieve.

Ox Drover


I understand that sometimes bad guys get others to “protect them”–and frankly, I’ve seen some good folks get caught up in trying to “protect” Psychopaths from prosecution because they believed the Ps were “innocent”—so where do you draw the line?

Who is being a “co-conspirator” for the “better good” by “protecting the church” and who is being naive and is hoodwinked?

If you commit murder and I help you hide the body because you convince me that it was an accident and if the body is discovered that it will bring scandal on the church and you help me, as far as I am concerned—1) you knew that hiding the body was wrong 2) you knew that you should have gone to the police and 3) the NEXT PERSON that person killed wouldn’t have died if you had not tried to cover up the first body…see what I mean?

Yes, I have been hoodwinked by my P son and otherd, but you know I also have to live with the fact that MAYBE that girl he killed wouldn’t have been dead now if I had just walked away from him when he was 17—maybe he wouldn’t have been there when he killed her. So when we ENABLE these people, we enable the crimes they commit too…maybe we will never know for sure what those crimes were…but if they had gone to jail for the ones they should have, the NEXT CRIMES WOULDN’T HAVE HAPPENED…so whether this guy had “good motives” or not, the TRUTH IS, THAT HE ENABLED KIDS TO BE RAPED BY KEEPING THAT PRIEST WHERE HE HAD ACCESS TO KIDS….HANG THEM ALL WITH THE SAME ROPE—-HIGH—AND LET THE CROWS PICK THEIR EYES OUT.

Just like the wife of that guy who abducted Jaycee Dugard or the wife of the guy who abducted Elizabeth Smart, those two women were also “victims” but you know, they also ENABLED those men to continue to do the damage to those little girls for years/months. If they had gone to the police it wouldn’t have happened. Sure, they were “trauma bonded” but that doesn’t mitigate the DAMAGE they did to those two little girls. So I’m afraid I am in favor of CONSEQUENCES for BEHAVIOR no matter what your motive is about it. Just like you can’t use a “i was abused as a child” as an EXCUSE for becoming an abuser as an adult. Sure, some abused children become abusers, but not all–and eating Twinkies doesn’t give you a pass on murder either, although some guy tried to use that as his “defense.” (LOL I lovedddd that one!)

Saw an article today about the hearing on these guys, and the judge was none too happy with the shouting and aggressive defense attorneys and put a gag order on them all as well as the DA. Will probably be a year or more before it comes to trial. I will be interested in watching it.


Hi again and thanks for the warm reception Oxy and EB. Mama Gem I’m so sorry you have to have this in your face all the time and glad your grandson is ok.

I just wanted to say that The Betrayal Bond was so helpful in analyzing my situation and me and my relationship with the sp. The first thing though was in talking to his last significant other and realizing he was still contacting her throughout our 2 ½ years of on and off insanity. The Betrayal Bond really impressed on me how our neurological pathways are changed when involved with a sp. I realized I had to starve those receptors to make any progress.

Thankfully that was made easier by his incarceration which was a forced no contact. There were times though, that I considered (briefly) finding a way to see how he was in prison. WTF?? But I didn’t and although I still sleep on my couch for fear of him entering my home uninvited I know that I have starved those receptor sites and do understand that I must continue to do so. Otherwise I could be dragged in, in a weak moment.

My life is full of weak moments under my “normal” circumstances with the PAS and the incredible financial burden I carry but I again know that he will only add to my burdens.

He did the “can you buy/front me stuff” throughout the whole relationship. I carried him for basics but had enough of a fiscallay responsible mind that I would not buy the outrageous requests he submitted—cell phone, computer, atv. Small potatoes for some, but he somehow thought I was a money bag for them. He was not employed or only worked part time throughout our “relationship”.

He owed me money for living expenses(yes I kept track) and damages(why the hell did I keep keeping track after he keyed my car, broke 4 expensive windows, broke into my place of business?) and I kept listening to his barterings. “I will pay you if you see me” which really meant-I will be sleeping with you and you will forget the damages and give me more! Yes sleeping with, meant incredible sex but at what cost??? Just more costs and no real relationship.

As I said, sadly, even today I wish it had been different, but it can never be different because he can’t be different, but I can and am different.

I have starved the a*holes ability to affect me. I’ve come out of my hiding—still hiding my relationship with him—although I’m sure many in the community are aware if so many cops are aware—but I’ve made new contact with my one of three children and that’s a whole other story”..

I guess my point in the end is—in order to move forward we have to let go of the illusion and one of the best ways to do that imo is to starve the neuro receptors that keep us engaged and the way to do that IS—NO CONTACT—engage your friends—this site—whatever you chose—just don’t give them an inch—because that is what THEY PREY ON.

Wow—it was good to get that out. I’m at the point of learning to move forward now. I don’t trust many people now either. Tried a couple dating sites and it’s all shit as far as I’m concerned. Judgmental is not the way, but discernment is. Figuring it all out is tough, but hold on to what you believe in is a good base.

Now I wonder shall I submit this or just let it sit in my files for posterity. Whose posterity? BOINK!!

Oh and being alone?? I’M DOWN WITH THAT FOR NOW—

Sociopaths are being bred into the system by the powers that be”’s no wonder we encounter them more and more.

Ox Drover

Dear NCworking,

Good for you, GF!!! Keep on keeping on and reprogram those neuro-receptors! And you know what, I don’t worry about posterity any more….just me, just today, just the way it is.

Glad you are back and glad you are doing better! (((hugs)))

Ox Drover

Here is an interesting link about children who were taken away by “political” psychopaths and sent into literally sexual and physical slavery to various people, including an order of “Christian Brothers” in Australia. Interesting article.

There were some “orphans trains” here in the US too in early 1900s ….sent children into the midwest to be “fostered” by farmers.

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