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Graham Dwyer, who fantasized about stabbing women during sex, convicted of murder in Ireland

Graham Dwyer

Graham Dwyer (Linked In)

Graham Dwyer, a married architect from Ireland, was recently convicted of murdering Elaine O’Hara, whose skeletal remains were found in the woods near Dublin in 2013.

Dwyer had a penchant for violent sex, and he sometimes videotaped the encounters. In fact, some of the photos and videos shown as evidence in the trial were so gruesome that the judge cleared people out of the courtroom.

Married architect who had fetish for stabbing women during sex is found guilty of murdering mentally ill childcare worker in he Dublin mountains, on

Emer McShea, a woman who had a child with Dwyer while they were in college, was terrified of him, even though they’d split up decades earlier. Dwyer’s behavior was clearly psychopathic.

Revealed: How Graham Dwyer terrorised ex for 20 years, on

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Horrible, sad, case. My ex P is also an architect, seems like one of the professions overly represented by spaths. The uncanny chain of events that brought to light evidence that convicted this perverse killer make one realize that there are likely many many murders where the killer never gets caught. It is suspected that Dwyer may have committed other similar murders, possibly in Poland where he frequently travelled to.

This article describes some of his psychopathic personality traits:


I really appreciated the coverage of this trial in Ireland (I’m Irish) the language used, the understanding of Elaine, I really feel the whole case was handled really really well. The Jury were fantastic and called a spade a spade in no time.


I am so glad the jury saw him for what he was, a monster. Cold, calloused, unfeeling. NO expression. And yes, he dropped his mask at the end, when he shunned his sister at the end of the proceedings. I KNOW this was not his first murder. He was too practiced.

People noted that my ex had the best poker face they’d ever experienced, that he had no tells. It made me wonder about poker players and their character.


This case horrified me.

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