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Happy New Year 2013!

To all Lovefraud readers—Happy New Year! Watch this space for exciting new developments! We believe that 2013 will be an important year for Lovefraud, with great leaps forward in our mission to educate the public about the social predators who live among us

Just as important, we hope that 2013 offers great leaps forward in the healing of every Lovefraud reader. Whether you are just beginning your recovery or have already made great strides, we wish you peace and happiness in the New Year.

Love to all,
Donna and Terry

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Hi Meljrocks,

Welcome to LF. I’m still pretty new here also but it has helped me tremendously. Being able to read the articles and comments and learn that others are going through the same experience.

We all understand and yes, it is very hard to get over and you will get support here.


Hi Daisy,

Thanks so much for your message. It is amazing how every story is different but same components behind the masked sociopath. Everything sounds so much like what this guy did to me. I just never knew and believed a person could be so evil to such a good person.

Tea Light

meljrocks, like daisy says, you’ll get help and understanding here; as soon as you figure out what you are dealing with you can start to piece yourself back together. peace and love to you x

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