Happy New Year 2013!

To all Lovefraud readers—Happy New Year! Watch this space for exciting new developments! We believe that 2013 will be an important year for Lovefraud, with great leaps forward in our mission to educate the public about the social predators who live among us

Just as important, we hope that 2013 offers great leaps forward in the healing of every Lovefraud reader. Whether you are just beginning your recovery or have already made great strides, we wish you peace and happiness in the New Year.

Love to all,
Donna and Terry

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It must have been fate or a guardian angel that brought me to this website, many months ago, because let me tell you there have been many many Tuesday mornings I hear my phone beeping at around 5:30 am and I know its an email alert from Lovefraud and if I had not jumped up to go read it…well I don’t know if I’d be able to say this: 8 months NC! Happy New Year!! Thank You Donna for your dedication to all of us.

Dear BlueSky, yep it was your guardian angel that brought you here. We must have the same one. She is very wise and knows where to send us for the BEST HELP IN THE WORLD to over come a psychopath! (((hugs))))

Congratulations and a big TOWANDA for your 8 months of NC!!!!

Happy New Year to Everyone!!

Thank you so much Donna, and all who post their experience, strength and hope. I have gained much from all the wisdom I have found on the Lovefraud Blog.

In just three short days I will be eight months NC. I stand strong in my conviction that she is a psychopath. That none of it was real. Whenever I think of a, perhaps, tender moment, I immediately think, no! no!, it was all fraud. My hope for my present and my future is that she will stop stalking me. Stop trying to contact me, find me. Go away.

Many blessings of love and joy to you all in our best and brightest year ever!!


Dear Sisterseven/Elizabeth

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! TOWANDA on the NC! Keep up the good work. Have a happy and P FREE new year!

That’s right! Its a new year! A new day…and new moment, that will never come again. A blessed moment. No more looking back. No more dwelling on the what if’s or the could have been’s or the why’s or the How could they? Its time, NOW, to look forward at the beauty we have, today. If you could sit, for just a moment, at how many wonderful blessings can you have in your life…to actually list them out… I bet if you took the time it would be too many to name. So start now. Start writing that list. Start focusing on the amazing blessings in your life. The time is now.
Happy 2013. Happy today <3

Hi Everyone!

My name is meljrocks and I am new to this site. I had been involved in an overseas Internet relationship with a sociopath for about 2 years it practically destroyed me. No one understands why I just can’t get over it. I need to connect with people like you to help me get through this. Would love to connect with other victims as we can help each other to heal. I look forward to hearing from you all.

Hi Meljrocks,

Welcome to LF. I’m still pretty new here also but it has helped me tremendously. Being able to read the articles and comments and learn that others are going through the same experience.

We all understand and yes, it is very hard to get over and you will get support here.

Hi Daisy,

Thanks so much for your message. It is amazing how every story is different but same components behind the masked sociopath. Everything sounds so much like what this guy did to me. I just never knew and believed a person could be so evil to such a good person.

meljrocks, like daisy says, you’ll get help and understanding here; as soon as you figure out what you are dealing with you can start to piece yourself back together. peace and love to you x

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