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Hassan found guilty of killing and beheading his wife

The jury deliberated for only 50 minutes before finding Muzzammil “Mo” Hassan guilty of murdering his wife, Aasiya Zubair Hassan. Mo Hassan, acting as his own lawyer, attempted to convince the jury that his wife, who was physically much smaller than him, was the actual perpetrator of domestic violence, and that he stabbed her 40 times and cut off her head in self-defense.

Extensive coverage of the case is on, and it paints a convincing picture that Mo Hassan is a classic psychopath. His wife had come to the conclusion that he was a narcissist, and experts who testified called him an abuser. The sad thing is that Aasiya knew that if she left Mo Hassan, he would kill her, and he did.

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Ox Drover

I agree that he is a “classic” psychopath and his arrogance in representing himself and trying to portray her as the aggressor is so classic of the narcissistic/psychopathic mind set that any lie that they tell long enough and loud enough becomes believable. Unfortunately, way too many times some of their lies do “fly” with some people. This one though is so outlandish that NO ONE would believe it except himself. I think on a scale of 1-10 this guy is a TEN, I hope he enjoys prison—it was all her fault, of course. If she had just behaved herself he wouldn’t have had to defend himself by killing her. (head shaking here) UGH!!!!!


this man is a nightmare – one this poor, poor woman will never wake up from. I read about them a while ago – i cannot imagine what life with him was like. so much evil…one step shakes her head and clutches her teddy bear….


I haven’t read the news article – I would likely get too distressed if I did. Please tell me he is going to be executed?

No possible good can be served by continuing to imprison such an evil entity.


Aussie – not sure how he managed it, but he only got a second degree murder charge – so no, he won’t be executed. 🙁

don’t read the article. makes me cry.


OMG. I won’t then. I already feel sick to my stomach. 🙁 🙁


You NEED to see this. Apparently he was sending out letters from prison and wrote one and faked his mom’s signature on it.

When you wonder if spaths know what they are doing, just read this letter. He projects all his behaviors on her and diagnosis her too. UNFUCKINGBELIEVABLE.


why is he convicted of second degree murder why not first !!
what about the torture the poor lady had to go through
this evil f**k will be out in 25 yrs ????
he is a danger to the society he should never be getting out


look at how calm he is, 100 per cent psychopath. It’s beyond words to watch this empty vessel exist while his tortured wife is dead. Beyond words what WE allow to happen around us through ignorance and fear of standing up to these dangerous morons. How did he get so far down the line? she was his third wife…and no one stood up and said anything..till it was too late.

He will enjoy manipulating the prison system now, and no doubt will have his sick women admirers writing to him etc. he lives on to exploit another day. If I were in charge, I would end his life because he is dead anyway and taking up too much valuable room, give the money it costs to keep him alive for 25 years to her family and children.

Ox Drover

In first degree murder most areas have to prove premeditation. Second degree just means that it was committed in a “heat of passion” not pre-planned.

Knowing it and proving pre-planning are two different things.

I’m not sure how my son got off with just first degree (some pre-planning) murder, and they could prove the pre-planning, but there is also “capitol” murder which means the death penalty is possible and different states have different rules about which murders qualify for the death penalty, or even could qualify for the death penalty.

Unfortunately, the way our system is designed too many people are being given the death penalty and then being PROVEN INNOCENT years later by DNA, so I am no longer in favor of the death penalty unless the person is captured in the act or there is DNA to prove s/he did it. The very thought of someone being executed when they are innocent makes my blood run cold. 75% of the people who have been proven INNOCENT by DNA (could not possibly have done it) had identification from ONE OR MORE EYE WITNESSES who identified them. Eye witness testimony is usually the MOST unreliable there is, strangely enough, and this has been proven totally so in many experiments, so unless you see someone you KNOW already do something chances are under stress you will not be able to accurately identify them again.

Yea, this guy’s arrogance puts him in my mind on a Psychopathic scale of from 1 to 10, at a 10 level—his arrogance and his lack of understanding about how other people think is total. If it weren’t so awful it would be funny.

Ox Drover

I just went back and read that letter his “mother” wrote! LOL OMG!!! ROTFLMAO


I KNOW what you mean. My mouth just dropped when I read it. But, OMG, I can’t laugh just yet.

He KNOWS what he does, and he understands it completely, yet it’s like he is also living in a mirror image world where everything seems real, but it’s backward and has no depth!

really mind boggling, to see the inner mind of the spath.

Now mark my words, he will spend the entire 25 years filing appeals claiming he had “incompetent representation”.

Ox Drover

Sky, well not the ENTIRE 25 years, they get parole you know—depends on which state’s laws are involved, but “life” in Texas when my son was sentenced for pre-meditated murder meant he spent 15 years before he got parole….now I think in Texas if the crime is committed NOW it is 30 years before you can get parole, but states differ in how soon they are eligible for parole.

In texas now the ‘average” time served for murder is 25 years even with a life sentence and mine will be coming up on 25 years before too long…He has done 19 years already (as of January) for this murder and can’t go back and ask for parole for another 3 years…but you know, I would bet “dollars to donuts” that he wouldn’t be out 2-6 months on the street before he will go back for another felony—I just hope it is not for my murder.


Wow. What is making my blood run cold here is that my spath could have written that letter. That is exactly the way his mind works, and he will find testimony from some “expert” out there to prove his points, even if he has to make them up.

He always says things like “Everybody thinks you’re crazy, everyone I talk to.” Everyone in his case is him and his best bud. But that does quality for “everybody”.

He continues to tell our daughter (who is bright and knows better) that EVERYONE can’t believe I cheated on him. (I didn’t….not even close, but HE did, 4 months into the marriage.)

He does the projection stuff real well. Which is exactly what I see in this guys letter from “his mom”.


Hello everyone,
Well this shows me that if a person can describe the behavior that the other person (the victim in this case) shows then, OH yes, he is very good and in denial. My exsp is still in jail for the assault on me from Oct, 8th 2010. They keep postponing the court day. What’s amazing is that when they were reading the police report and showing pics of my broken face. the sp said that i did that to myself. GEEZ!! Even if i wanted to hurt myself i wouldn’t have the strength to bust my cheek bone completely unatached to the other bones and cracks in my lower and upper jaw, and a blown out orbit bone. Strangle marks on my neck. Funny though he had a few people come to my house, ran a car into my garage, and sliced 3 out of the 4 tires on my car. I’m sure it was to intimidate me into not testifying… Too bad. I’m doing it. The last time we had court, he came into the court room wiping tears from his eyes. That would’nt have happened if he had any of his jail house boys in the court room! First the itimidation, then trying to make me feel sorry for him before i testify. He is still pleading non-guilty. I have since moved for my own safety but he is facing 1-19 yrs and i am thinking that they are not offering him any deals atleast none that sound apealing. It is men like this that make it so hard for we as victims to get justice. I mean holy moly, the bruses on my face are still there and it has been almost 6 months. Like this guy above, has anyone ever heard of taking responsibility for hurting another. I can’t beleive that my sp has not tried to get a plea bargain, show some remorse, something?! The victims advocate told me that the DA said that they are not cutting him a break, the want him to plead guilty to both charges, period. He is 6’3″ and 225 compared to my 5’3″ and 120. When i first started reading these blogs i wasn’t shocked because i had been raised around people like this and looking back i see the signs of the sociopath running rampade in my family from way back it’s just now that i have a name for them. Thank you Love Fraud, Light and love, Caylin

Distressed Grandmother

All I can say is this guy is unbelievable. It is so hard to understand the spaths mind. To honestly think his children would have a nice thing to say about him after doing all those horrible thins to the family.I understand the no empathy but to actually believe he could get her to say he was a good father is far beyond me. To me that is stupidity. The news paper reporter said he was a smart man which in ways he was very manipulating and gave a good fight but made a lot of stupid choices. Do spaths believe them self’s that much to be stupid enough to put his daughter and the prosecution’s psychiatrist on the stand in his defense. Well why not my spath is going to pay for all the stupid things they are doing one day to and I am sure thy believe they are right. How can one even live with no common sense at all.

Ox Drover

Dear Caylin,.

I am so glad that the DA is backing you on this one and I hope that the SOB gets the 19 years! He deserves life! KEEP SAFE!!!! (((hugs))) and my prayers.

Grandmother: No, they do NOT have any common sense, you are right about that. They are feeling so entitled that they do not know how other people will view their lies and what they say. They just do not “get it” how people with a heart think.

I hope you are doing well. I think about you and your situation and you are in my prayers. God bless.

Distressed Grandmother

The medication and concealing is helping a lot. I will always have my down moments and heart breaks but I am getting stronger and not so afraid. I am to the point that I wish they would take me to court for a restraining order and let a judge fix this mess. I have tried everything. They have refused to let me take anyone with me to see the kids. He has made me his victim and uses my grandchildren as pawns.. I still sneak around to see them every chance I get. The baby is the hardest to see I have not seen him in a couple months now but spring is coming he will be out more. Thanks for your thoughts and prays much appreciated. One day I hope to be as strong as you.

Ox Drover

Dear Grandmother,

It takes a while for the medication to kick in and help you cope, but if it doesn’t do it in 4-6 weeks, talk to your prescriber about it.

I’m not sure what you mean about “concealing”—????

As for sneaking around and seeing the kids…my friend whose son is a Psychopath and she had raised his daughter from birth til age 8, when he got remarried he refused to let his mother see the girl, so my friend volunteered at the girl’s school so she could at least see the child at school for a minute here or there and wave at her across the lunch room.

My friend also made “friends” with the girl’s mother (who is a borderline personality disorder herself) and got the mother to let my friend see the girl on the every other weekend that the mother had her. The girl is 16 now and doing very well. My friend’s son finally broke down and let his daughter see her grandmother some, but my friend has had a great impact on her granddaughter for the good. My friend was not going to abandon her little girl. LOL

Just be careful so you don’t get a restraining order slapped on you.

Grandmother, you ARE as strong as I am, and you will get stronger and so will I as we practice taking care of ourselves.

Yes, he has made you his victim, and is using your grandchildren as pawns, but he will not have complete control over them forever. Keep the faith! (((hugs)))

Distressed Grandmother

Counseling sorry hit the wrong one on spell check.

Ox Drover

Dear Grandmother! LOL ROTFLMAO “concealing” vs “counseling” That’s a good one!

I do see how some counseling might be very helpful! There are times that CONCEALING is also good! LOL

Thanks for clearing that one up! (((hugs)))

Ox Drover

Well, that judge GETS IT FOR SURE!!!! I can only hope like one of the comments said that he gets some bully cell mates and friends in jail—that are bigger and meaner than he is.

Thanks for updating us on this Donna.


This was in the news some years ago if I remember along with soe other examples of how “cultural differences” allow for horrid abuse of women.

I hope that this conviction sends a very potent message that here, it isn’t the cuture, nor is it tolerable to abuse and murder women.

And all of us should take every opportunity to uphold and fight for the justice system that doesn’t tolerate the behavior.

Pay attention to your local elections and appointments. They matter!

Ox Drover

Silver did you see the article about the little 13 yr old girl whose American mother married a guy from Pakistan and he was sending her to Pakistan to marry his 50 yr old brother and the girl ran away to some relatives of her biological father’s to keep from being forced to go to Pakistan to marry this old man? The mother and the step father were arrested….I also saw where there was an “honor” killing of a young woman whose Pakistani father thought she was becoming too “american” so he killed her….

The culture of oppression of women is not just in Pakistan, but world wide. I’m no rabid feminist by any means, but it saddens me that women are treated like cattle in so much of the world, like possessions, and not even valuable ones at that. Whatever “culture” or “religion” that makes PEOPLE (women, children or men) chattel is EVIL in my opinion.


I may have. It is a grave concern to me that the politically correct opinion in our country is to be unquestioning in our acceptance of other cultures. But, for these very reasons, I believe we must not.
And we are then obligated to pay attention to our local politics and judicial appointments.

There but for the grace go we or any woman who does not pay attention enough to object before she and her daughters become subject.


It is up to us all.


I know a man who married a muslim woman when he was working IT in malaysia. He became a muslim for her. I don’t know if he is a P or an N or what, but he was a good friend of my exP and he does have issues with immaturity.

They had a daughter who is probably about 13 by now. Then they divorced. Last I heard he was fighting the muslim mom because she wanted to take their daughter back to her country to get her “cut” (clitorectomy). She feels that this is correct because it was done to her.

My understanding is that many times women are the ones who instigate this attack on their own 4 year old daughters. Further reading revealed that they feel an overwhelming compulsion to do it because they want their daughters to be “like them”. I think it is a scandal and a trauma bond.

Rene Girard says that people will continue to behave like this until the truth is revealed. The Truth is that we are all trauma bonded and most of what we do is just stay in a cycle of the same behavior over and over hoping it will come out differently. The Lie is so big and so unbelievable that you would never imagine it. That is the type of lie that exP told. It’s time to break the spell.

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