Hassan found guilty of killing and beheading his wife

The jury deliberated for only 50 minutes before finding Muzzammil “Mo” Hassan guilty of murdering his wife, Aasiya Zubair Hassan. Mo Hassan, acting as his own lawyer, attempted to convince the jury that his wife, who was physically much smaller than him, was the actual perpetrator of domestic violence, and that he stabbed her 40 times and cut off her head in self-defense.

Extensive coverage of the case is on, and it paints a convincing picture that Mo Hassan is a classic psychopath. His wife had come to the conclusion that he was a narcissist, and experts who testified called him an abuser. The sad thing is that Aasiya knew that if she left Mo Hassan, he would kill her, and he did.

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Well, that judge GETS IT FOR SURE!!!! I can only hope like one of the comments said that he gets some bully cell mates and friends in jail—that are bigger and meaner than he is.

Thanks for updating us on this Donna.

This was in the news some years ago if I remember along with soe other examples of how “cultural differences” allow for horrid abuse of women.

I hope that this conviction sends a very potent message that here, it isn’t the cuture, nor is it tolerable to abuse and murder women.

And all of us should take every opportunity to uphold and fight for the justice system that doesn’t tolerate the behavior.

Pay attention to your local elections and appointments. They matter!

Silver did you see the article about the little 13 yr old girl whose American mother married a guy from Pakistan and he was sending her to Pakistan to marry his 50 yr old brother and the girl ran away to some relatives of her biological father’s to keep from being forced to go to Pakistan to marry this old man? The mother and the step father were arrested….I also saw where there was an “honor” killing of a young woman whose Pakistani father thought she was becoming too “american” so he killed her….

The culture of oppression of women is not just in Pakistan, but world wide. I’m no rabid feminist by any means, but it saddens me that women are treated like cattle in so much of the world, like possessions, and not even valuable ones at that. Whatever “culture” or “religion” that makes PEOPLE (women, children or men) chattel is EVIL in my opinion.

I may have. It is a grave concern to me that the politically correct opinion in our country is to be unquestioning in our acceptance of other cultures. But, for these very reasons, I believe we must not.
And we are then obligated to pay attention to our local politics and judicial appointments.

There but for the grace go we or any woman who does not pay attention enough to object before she and her daughters become subject.


It is up to us all.

I know a man who married a muslim woman when he was working IT in malaysia. He became a muslim for her. I don’t know if he is a P or an N or what, but he was a good friend of my exP and he does have issues with immaturity.

They had a daughter who is probably about 13 by now. Then they divorced. Last I heard he was fighting the muslim mom because she wanted to take their daughter back to her country to get her “cut” (clitorectomy). She feels that this is correct because it was done to her.

My understanding is that many times women are the ones who instigate this attack on their own 4 year old daughters. Further reading revealed that they feel an overwhelming compulsion to do it because they want their daughters to be “like them”. I think it is a scandal and a trauma bond.

Rene Girard says that people will continue to behave like this until the truth is revealed. The Truth is that we are all trauma bonded and most of what we do is just stay in a cycle of the same behavior over and over hoping it will come out differently. The Lie is so big and so unbelievable that you would never imagine it. That is the type of lie that exP told. It’s time to break the spell.

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