‘He is a liar of the first order’ man says about his son

Jim Zebranek Jr. stole $800,000 from his father and fled to Panama, while his father scrambled to pay the bills on his retirement condo. It was just one incident in a lifetime of lies and deceit.

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It has been several years since I have posted in this site.

I doubt anyone remembers me but that’s OK!!!

My adult daughter is a sociopath. She was diagnosed with oppositional defiance disorder at the age of 16…tested later…and her sociopathy was confirmed at age 17.

She is almost 32 now and still going strong.

I have filed a civil case against her for stealing…there are legal terms used such as conversion but it’s rather broad. It’s difficult to PROVE that she stole cash.

I was in the hospital for seven weeks in 2014. While in CCU, she found my car keys and took them. She then stole my car and drove it for seven weeks. Four weeks I was in an induced coma due to many organ failures. For the first few weeks it was touch and go with me.
What did she do? Took my house key and entered my home. She knew that she was NEVER allowed to access my property unless I was home. She spent more time inside my home than seeing me in the hospital.

She also gave the doctors false information about me. I read the hospital records months later and found her lies. She wanted me to die and I didn’t. BIG MISTAKE. She had a copy of my house key made and would go in from time to time when she knew I was at a doctor’s appointment or going out to eat.

I was incapacitated for many months after I left the hospital. She offered to only pick up food for me using her food stamps and me paying her cash.

I have 2 grandkids that I never see. Sociopaths will punish YOU for THEIR wrongdoings no matter what!

You may ask, “why are you filing a lawsuit against your own child?”
Because I want to, that’s why. I am so tired of being sick and tired of lies, theft, her fakeness, etc, that it’s time to at least get something on her record. If she does it again, and she will, MAYBE she will go to prison and lose her girls.

She has fooled so many even her dad’s side of the family. We divorced when she was five years old. He saw both of my kids regularly but being an alcoholic, he was not truly a parent.

Now, she has lost her home due to foreclosure and moving those poor little girls in with her dad. As long as she can live for free, have food stamps, medicaid, why should she work??? This girl has a college degree.

She was married, but ran out on her husband. He is the father of the girls, supposedly. One child is in question…if you catch my drift. He does love them regardless! He finally woke up to her charm.

She stole over fifty thousand dollars from my home. I filed a report with the sheriff and his comment was HOW DID YOU GET THAT MONEY? huh????
I felt victimized over again. THEY DID NOTHING TO HER. I reported her in 2012 for stealing all my rings, and 14K gold jewelry that my late mom had left me. She blamed ONE ring on her oldest daughter who was four years old and could NOT reach my jewelry box. A few weeks after I filed the report, a few rings magically reappeared.

We have a deposition in a few weeks. I cannot bear to even look at her. I have divorced her. It means I never will see my grandchildren again unless GOD makes it happen.

That is a summary of my later life with my sociopathic child. Bless you all for being strong and pray that GOD can help you cope. It’s the only thing that helps me.

OMG. I knew this guy when I was in medical school. This man was a sociopath of the highest order. I thought he was going to kill me after I beat him at a game of Backgammon!!!

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