He murders his wife, lies about medals and still gets a military burial

Raymond Sawyer of Colorado died in prison last month for the murder of his wife. He claimed to have won the Navy Cross, but lied. He’s being buried at Fort Logan National Cemetary, and veterans are outraged.

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I hear you and I know its tough. Focus on who loves you and who you trust.

Tred gently on the earth where you can.

My favorite author, speaking of reading, is Jane Austen. In Sense and Sensibility she describes the young woman with a wild heart and it is a story worth reading. It gives much insights to young ladies.

My advice? Be as good to yourself as to the people who love you. They don’t always get it. In fact, even I can be pretty obtuse. But love, over time, prevails.

Being a teenager has lots of tough spots that are as hard for others to understand as they are for you. What always works is having the dignity and perseverance to rise above the trouble and make the clear and conscious decisions about living your life.

You have great strength and wisdom in that. Don’t let go of it. And, don’t forget to breathe deeply.

My best and heart to you,

Well, GOOD FOR THEM!!!! I’m glad to hear that!

“Daughter still believes he received the Navy Cross” –I can believe that too.

Funerals aren’t for the dead, but for the living, and I can imagine that this woman feels totally distraught that her father is what he is, so denial is her way of coping with these feelings.

I ordered a book yesterday written by a woman whose father was the “Happy face killer” serial killer about the shame and horror she suffered at being the daughter of a serial killer, Melissa Moore. I imagine this guy’s daughter may be in a similar emotional situation of being the daughter of a fake and a killer. I don’t agree with how she’s handling it, or with him being buried with an “honor guard” but I do feel for her grief at both what he was and at his death. Sounds like the daughter is suffering.

This case is so horrific do not go here unwarned…it is extremely disturbing… but what is really adding more upset is how the parents of these three teenagers are standing up for them and defending them….HOW could parents…in the face of infinite evidence… stand behind their psychopathic children? is is denial in the extreme or is it love? and surely that is not a loving thing to do …actually defend and deny evil to save your illusion of good, to save some happy family lie? I am baffled by it..

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