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He murders his wife, lies about medals and still gets a military burial

Raymond Sawyer of Colorado died in prison last month for the murder of his wife. He claimed to have won the Navy Cross, but lied. He’s being buried at Fort Logan National Cemetary, and veterans are outraged.

Read Murderer accused of faking war medal still getting military burial on

Link supplied by a Lovefraud reader.

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Ox Drover

I agree that this is enough to make you want to puke!

But I also believe that any “above ground honors” for the body after death do not in any way make the REAL LIFE that person lived any less or any more honorable.

The “family” of this man obviously have NO SHAME for what he did and some how think that an “honorable military interment” is going to make what he did less true. I imagine that there will not likely be anyone there at that man’s funeral that won’t know the truth of why he was in prison, but only the few who are in denial will think no one else condemns him.

Vengance is mine, sayeth the lord.


Wonder if he’ll be dug back up in the ‘dead’ of night?

Why do people press their ‘options’ when confronted with public outcry?
How important is this… be buried with military honors?
He’s a confessed/convicted murderer. That trumps ANYthing he did in the military….imho.
THAT is his legacy!

Sounds like the daughter wants to follow with pops story….to her friends and kids etc…..taking them proudly to the cemetary to visit pops……sounds like the start of a good con already!
I’m the daughter of a decorated vet! And the story continues………

Does it make his crime okay now… he should be ‘honored’ in death????

FINE…..bury him there……his grave can now be the urinal for all visitors……marinade him in urine for eternety!

That’s the honor he deserves.

If his daughter is in such strong denial…….she can honor him in private…..because quiet frankly……it’s not looking like anyone else shares her feelings.


double post.


The below guy may be a great contact to recieve help with exposing your spath and false claims of military decorations…..
He might just be the one to help….or certainly direct you to others….
Worth a contact.

This paragraph came from the above article.

“Former Pueblo resident Doug Sterner, who now lives in Virginia, has spent years tracking down and exposing false claims of military heroics. ”

Doug Sterner
300 Yoakum Parkway, # 504 – Alexandria, VA 22304

Ox Drover

The US courts just knocked down the “false hero” laws, that if a person claims to be a military hero and isn’t then he can be prosecuted. They said it may be lying but isn’t a CRIME, because we all have “freedom of speech”—-

Well, even “freedom of speech” doesn’t give you the RIGHT to yell FIRE in a crowded theater, or to threaten to kill the president or lots of things that you SAY. Yet, military fakes can claim to be medal of honor winners if they like, and it may be a lie, but that’s okay?????????????

I hope Doug Sterner is a success at exposing these creeps.


Why again and again do the courts and the media fail so badly to recognize the liars who are more than bad story tellers? Why does anyone celebrate they who have killed and been convicted of it?

Why is that information so protected and why over and over again are women devalued in argument that something be done about these disordered that is a meaningful restraint on their choosing another victim and another?

Or is this just me being angry about the DA who wouldn’t prosecute bigamy because a man with two wives was punished enough?

Ox Drover

Silver, NO you are not just being an unreasonable person about the INAPPROPRIATE BEHAVIOR AND SPEECH OF THAT DA. I just saw an article today about a guy with 4 wives, and HE IS IN JAIL awaiting prosecution and if he is convicted he can get FIVE years in the pen.

I suggest now that I think about it, that you go to the DA’s boss and complain about that NASTY COMMENT. If he runs for election, volunteer for his opponent’s campaign. Get political, do the “ERIN B THING!!!!!” LOL


LOL! I’m gone from that place. That DA was arrogant. No doubt.

Yeah. Writing a letter to his opponent would be juicy and I could write a vicious one. I don’t think I will take the time. Rather invest it in my new home in a positive way.

The past is behind me now and the judges where I am now are not the same kind. Not at all. I feel much safer here because of it.

Still, I don’t think the anger will ever burn all the way out of me because of what that guy responded. He didn’t get it and his community deserves what they get because of it.

They elected him. They can have him. I voted with my feet.

The insult should have been prosecuted. I don’t know what his status is now. We have not been in contact except that he sent a message that he had no money to communicate and my answer was not to communicate.

I sent his stuff to the legal wife who neither wanted to pursue the charges because her son was in some legal trouble and she didn’t want that situation to get worse.

They don’t know where I am and I think I’ll keep it just that way. But I still get outraged when I think about it…..

Ox Drover

Dear Silver,

I think you are right in handling it the way you are, doesn’t mean I don’t think you should not consider moving your bowels on their door step! LOL, I’m just in a feisty mood tonight! LOL

Got a house full of Eagle Scouts and scout leaders playing guitar and singing ribald songs in my dining room. Some seriously nice kids and young men, but gosh what a posse they would be if some jerk wad said those same words to me that that stupid DA said to you! LOL


Love the ribald music and the notion of a posse!
Just love it!



I saw a claim somewhere that “DAs never prosecute bigamy.” How much truth there is in it I can’t tell.

I did see another case here:

No Bigamy Charges for School Official

in which a school official committed bigamy and the DA said he’s not prosecuting her for that.

However, she’s being investigated for fraud and corruption with megabucks involved. Maybe the DA figured if they were going to get her for that, he didn’t want to bother with a bigamy charge.

Here’s a story about a woman with five husbands. Does that make her a pentagamist?

Ox Drover

Dear Silver, Yea, they put the guitars away and they’re in there now playing “Risk” a “world domination” board game and I guess they’ll stay up all night and then go rock climbing tomorrow. I really do enjoy having them around…cute kids. One is on his way to Italy in a few days, going for a year abroad study to Italy. I’m glad my son has such great friends and all are nice kids, smart, well educated (or working on it) and just good citizens, from a large cross section of different kinds of folks.

Red, It amazes me what the DAs prosecute or don’t—they have SO much leeway in deciding to prosecute or not. Years ago I knew of a sheriff (or local one at the time) who had sex with several 15 year old run aways in his jail. NO STATE DA would prosecute him….even though the evidence was so OUTSTANDING—finally the FEDS came in and prosecuted him for “violating the girl’s civil rights” —the jury came in “not guilty” even though it was apparent he had sex with those girls and there were PHOTOGRAPHS OF THE NAKED GIRLS ON HIS LAP—-of course he didn’t violate their civil rights, he raped them. They were prisoners under his control, how could they have “given consent.” Well, he lost his job next election, but still it was my first knowledge of the fact that DAs have this almost unlimited power to prosecute or not. NO ONE really to gain say them either.

Just frosts my cookies, at the deals they make for “lesser crimes” so there is no trial. I honestly don’t have a better way to decide who gets prosecuted and who doesn’t, but I just know the one we have is so RIPE FOR CORRUPTION and other problems, it makes me grind my teeth!


Build a HUGE prison camp in each state….and prosecute em all.
Organize things and we can house inmates cheap!
Stop trying to make every prisoner ‘comfortable’ with the accomodations…..
And kick the ACLU’s ass out of dodge…..
How about the ACLU look out for OUR rights. Fark the criminals.

Elect ME…..EB for Sheriff…..Warden….
Who gives a damn about their rights……when mine are violated. Istn’t that something they choose to give up when they commit crimes?

Spath selling drugs to kids, moving it through 5 states, the Bigomy and other crimes of Silvers…..Oxy’s son and the threats of violance……and oxy not being able to live according to her rights……Donna getting taken for hundreds of thousands……military lies…….rape, murder, kidnapping, child endangerment and abuse and abandonment……look at all our spaths criiminal wrongs…….

Hell……whens that election……I’ll shoot em all at the stake in the desert boot camp! AFTER THEY HAVE SWEAT AND GOTTEN ALL THE STREETS CLEANED UP, HOUSES BUILT and WORK DONE!!!!!
None of this bickering about who wants to watch what on TV, complaints about the food and the rats in the toilets…..cold showers for all…..ONCE a week! Should have thought about that as you commited your crime.
Why have laws if we don’t/can’t enforce?
You can pay me for your food and upkeep.and medical…..and your damn straight…your gonna serve every minute of your sentence!!!!
YOUR punishment will be worse than you gave your victims!!!


I’ve been reading the cases in XX state where spath was charged with his felonies……it’s crazy the lack of punishment.
His case was postponed until Sept 7.
I have contacted the court in XX state…..and asked for a case status update….the clerk read all updates….who was supeonaed……and I see where his CA is taking this…..his rights were violated…..
I think the DEA was working this case…..reading what I read, and what officers and depts that were involved and the fact he was pulled over for a TURN SIGNAL VIOLATION… no coinsidence.
The two officers were a drug officer with Hwy patrol….and a criminal investigator.
Funny how he just so happened to have a dog in the car and on scene……AND a Criminal investigator???
The dea stated that in this state the criminal investigator is a federal agent for DEA.
I spoke with the sheriff today about having him served ALL the documents and the harassment order BEFORE his court appearance…….on the 7th.
He owes me insurance /medical for kids AND that deed needs to be signed and the title on his car must be transfered OUT of my name . I have about 50 pages of documents that I’ve mailed all over timbuckto in the past year, and have been returned back…..
So….i’ll get them to him!!!!! HA!
It will be a pleasure for the sheriffs office to serve him, since they arrested him already……the civil service officer said….yeah…..we’d love to do that for you! 🙂
No charge!
Plus……he had me served with divorce docs just prior to the TPO extension hearing……and it is very nerve wracking having someone with a packet approach you as your nervous and uneasy already……
So….it’ll be a backatya….backspath move to have him served at the courthouse PRIOR to his hearing…’ll make his criminal attorney go ????????? What’s that all about ?????
Nothing like raising doubt in his criminal attorneys mind!

What……isn’t that called…..keeping him OFF BALANCE!

I’ll give him 10 days to return payment to me and the docs I need signed……Just enough time to file non compliance docs with the divorce court and have him served AGAIN….at his trial if needed!!!! then he’ll have to appear in my state….another major inconvenience……especially if he’s INCARCERATED! Bummer for him.
He will be under so much stress, he’ll HATE this……he won’t want this hanging over his head……and now….he KNOWS I mean business and WILL follow through!!!!
It’ll be interesting to see which way he pushes me……
Send me the check baby.

Boy….that was a rant!


Oxy….I’ve got a risk game going on too….downstairs.
It’s Fri night movie night….but tonight they all disappeard to the beach for a night swim…..and now risk.

I love having all these kids here too!
It also makes me feel safe having 8 additional cars in my driveway.

There is NOTHING like having good people around ya!


Ox Drover

Yea, our house was always the one folks were hanging out, my husband drew guy-pals like honey draws flies! Son D and all his long standing Boy Scout leader connections, and all the eagle scouts of all ages hang out here. The house is full of “kids” 17 to 35 in there acting like 10 year olds (one of the guys BRAYS when he laughs—ha ha ha! Baw ah ah!)

I’m in my office with the door shut and on my way to bed soon.

I’m glad they all stopped by on their way to a rock climb and son D will go with them in the morning, good for him to get out and about. Just glad I happened to have enough for supper for them all cooked, so invited them to stay instead of go on and set up camp in the dark. Plus, I know that 2 of them play guitar and they’d have their boxes with them….do enjoy the live concerts. G nite!


Love to listen to guitar!!!

For Jr’s 18th b-day…..that’s what I got him….a beautiful ‘electric’ acoustic guitar.

he recently asked me if I could have it engraved with something special.

Nighty night…..I got the landscapers coming in the am…..were gonna do some cleaning up AND DIGGING!
Maybe tomorrow will be the day I become wealthy????


I really want a better understanding. As people grow older, they start to mature and change. I understand that’s natural. When I was younger, I was a quiet shy girl. Now that I’m older I’m the complete opposite. My mother, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to grasp that or particularly like this change. She’s so used to me being shy that whenever I have to ask somebody a question she does it for me. I sit there and tell her that I can do it myself, thank you though. Then she gets angry and is like who are you trying to be? Another circumstance: Some family friends were over and I just came in from the store. I greeted them and went to my room to drop off my bags. I come back outside to the living room and start a conversation. Before you know, we are all laughing and exchanging numbers. My mom pulls me aside and says ” Who are you trying to be? your little sister does that not you! I would stop if I were you.” I just looked at her like ummm, I should stop being myself? I mean its to the point where I’m around either act like she wants you to or get yelled at. Please explain.



I’d ask your mom why she says that. I wonder where she is coming from? If she sees something she doesn’t recognize or appears to her to be something that’s not what she knows you to be, then there may be something she sees that you may benefit from understanding. I can’t tell from what you write whether you were out of line. Sometimes what moms see as out of line is a nuance of manners. Not always popular with teens….

Of course from your story, mom sounds out of line. But there are a lot of things I don’t know here. And there are a lot of things I know I don’t always tell my children. Does she have a reason for being concerned? Have you asked her?

I always think that as parents, we’re people first and we’re people who care about our children. Sometimes what our kids see in us they don’t like or they way we say things comes out wrong.

But the place you have to begin with is one of caring. If you believe your mother cares, then you should do the homework to understand why she is having this reaction.

If she is disordered, then the best advice is tone it down and don’t provoke what you can’t control.

I can’t tell from what you write here what the situation really is. So all I can tell you is that if you trust your mom, ask her what she meant and stay open to what she says. It sounds like she needs to understand what is changing for you and a loving conversation may be the best approach.

Sometimes parents act pretty weird when they are surprised.
My first thought reading this is that your mom is. I can’t tell from this posting all that I would need to to really take a side, so I won’t.

Just ask yourself, is this someone who loves me and cares for my well being? If they are upset, or confused, I want to know why and talk it out.

Act like they want you to or get yelled at? Well, speaking as a parent, there are certain manners we try to pass on to our kids and the loudest discussions usually come between 15 and 25.

You should have heard me and my mom! I won’t tell you to do what I did, but I will suggest that both sides of any argument or misunderstanding need to be heard. And sometimes its as hard for your mom as it is for you.

If your mom is not someone you trust, talk to an adult who is.

Ox Drover

Dear Hurtnomore,

Silver gave you some great advice. It may not turn out like you hope with your mom, but still you will have tried.

Keep in mind too, that your mother hasn’t seen you in a while and when our kids group up, especially if it is “suddely”–not really suddenly, but her perception of suddenly because she hasn’t seen you in a while—it is kind of a shock to a parent.

Also keep in mind any cultural differences in an American culture and where you are.

Understanding who you are, becoming separate from your parents, etc. is the JOB of a teenager. Letting that child become an adult and go out iinto the worl.d self sufficently is the JOB of a parent at this stage. It is a difficult process for even healthy well adjusted teenagers and also for even the best most well adjusted parent. Its a scary time for both. If there is a disordered or dysfunctional person in the mix it makes it even more scary. The status quo is “safe” but change is scary, and when people are scared or anxious they RE-act instead of respond. Hang on, you are on your way! (((Hugs))))


Silvermoon- Its almost like she expects her kids to be the same throughout their life. I mean whenever somebody says oh, your daughter is quite the sociable one. She sort of denies it and says no, she’s not like that. They always say your family knows you best. But that’s not the case with me. My mom could choose to get to know me better since its been a bout several years we actually really developing a relationship. She can sit back and see but its like me behaving differently is out of the question. Especially when we took the personality test at school. It turns out that I’m extroverted and my younger sister is more introvert. She dismissed it even though we took it honestly. She said we switched the results. We didn’t. It had my name on it ands my sister’s name on hers. When I told her reading wasn’t what I like to do that its just a past time. She kept asking me if I wanted to read. Its like what I said it just thrown out the window. No, you like to read cause I like to read.



I hear you and I know its tough. Focus on who loves you and who you trust.

Tred gently on the earth where you can.

My favorite author, speaking of reading, is Jane Austen. In Sense and Sensibility she describes the young woman with a wild heart and it is a story worth reading. It gives much insights to young ladies.

My advice? Be as good to yourself as to the people who love you. They don’t always get it. In fact, even I can be pretty obtuse. But love, over time, prevails.

Being a teenager has lots of tough spots that are as hard for others to understand as they are for you. What always works is having the dignity and perseverance to rise above the trouble and make the clear and conscious decisions about living your life.

You have great strength and wisdom in that. Don’t let go of it. And, don’t forget to breathe deeply.

My best and heart to you,

Ox Drover

Well, GOOD FOR THEM!!!! I’m glad to hear that!

“Daughter still believes he received the Navy Cross” –I can believe that too.

Funerals aren’t for the dead, but for the living, and I can imagine that this woman feels totally distraught that her father is what he is, so denial is her way of coping with these feelings.

I ordered a book yesterday written by a woman whose father was the “Happy face killer” serial killer about the shame and horror she suffered at being the daughter of a serial killer, Melissa Moore. I imagine this guy’s daughter may be in a similar emotional situation of being the daughter of a fake and a killer. I don’t agree with how she’s handling it, or with him being buried with an “honor guard” but I do feel for her grief at both what he was and at his death. Sounds like the daughter is suffering.


This case is so horrific do not go here unwarned…it is extremely disturbing… but what is really adding more upset is how the parents of these three teenagers are standing up for them and defending them….HOW could parents…in the face of infinite evidence… stand behind their psychopathic children? is is denial in the extreme or is it love? and surely that is not a loving thing to do …actually defend and deny evil to save your illusion of good, to save some happy family lie? I am baffled by it..

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