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Health insurance and PIISD

Carol A. Paris, a psychiatrist, says people dealing with health insurers exhibit some of the same symptoms as patients with post-traumatic stress disorder. She wrote an article describing their ailment not quite tongue-in-cheek as “private insurance induced stress disorder.”

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Excellent article Donna, thanks for posting this.
It’s no coincidence that betrayal by your health insurance provider causes PTSD. BETRAYAL is the key word. Everything you ever thought you could count on is turned upside down. It’s worse than the illness itself because at least you always knew that you could/would contract a fatal illness – we are mortal after all. What we don’t expect, is that we can plan and plan and do everything we are supposed to do to keep our end of the bargain and STILL be betrayed.

When that happens, we know one thing: SPATH.

Whether it’s a personal spath or a corporate one, you can know one thing, they always intended to profit at your expense. Betrayal and sabotage was part of the plan.

The movie Sicko sheds some light on this topic as well and gets behind the scenes to these companies that operate like institutional sociopaths.


I feel like I’m gettting stressed from my insurance co. Lets see, I pay 600 per month with a 2000 deductable and any time I go to MD I get slammed with a bill.

Since Mr. Romney left this ‘legacy’ it’s been hell. If you don’t have health insurance you get fined 300 a month for every month you don’t have it. How do they get the 300? When you do your taxes! Ugh.

I’m considering dropping it anyway and saving the other 300! It’s %^$# CRAZY. I tried to get help with health insurance but I make to much money!LOLOLOL

SPATH is right; they just keep on taking and give nothing in return.

Ox Drover

When I became a primary health care provider as an RNP in rural health clinics, I told the office manager, “screw the numbers, I’m gonna provide what the patient needs” and boy did I get an eye opener! We were able to “juggle” the numbers a bit and charge for a lesser complex visit but even that didn’t always work, though it helped some of the patients.

If a patient had NO insurance they got slammed with the entire bill. If they had insurance the INSURANCE COMPANY got a DISCOUNT. So let’s say you have NO insurance and your bill is $100, you pay it all. If your insurance company is contracted with my clinic (most are) then they only pay $50 and you pay your $20 co-pay.

Since most office visits for a flea bite are $85-150 now days (before the Insurance company discount) people with a flea bite and no insurance don’t go to the doctor until the flea bite is so infected they are nearly dead then they go to the ER in the middle of the night ($3,000) and then get put in the hospital on IV drips in ICU to save their lives ($25,000) of which of course they can’t pay– all for a $5 flea bite! Yea, makes (NO) sense to me.

What used to pith me off though big time are the middle class who had no insurance and they would come into the clinic and want discounts, because they couldn’t afford insurance for their kids or themselves and I KNEW THEY HAD A $35,000 BASS BOAT IN THEIR FRONT YARD AND DROVE TWO $40,000 PICK UP TRUCKS and had a member ship in a deer club and so on. THAT pithed me off and we never gave those people a break, but the people who were working hard and trying hard and not “living it up” and couldn’t afford insurance we gave a break to.

Yea, the insurance companies do give you PIISD no matter which side of the clip board you are on.

After I retired due to my own PTSD, I kept COBRA for 18 months but after that could not get any insurance…and had applied for SSD which of course I got turned down on until 2 years after I applied (so there was a 6 month period there where I had NO insurance) but there was a clause that IF I got SSD that the COBRA would be extended for 6 months (to 2 years total)so by going back and retroactively paying that 6 months I got my medical bills for htose months paid. What a mess.

For anyone applying for SSD, my experience has been that I dont’ care how severe your medical problems are, you are more likely to be approved for SSD for PTSD or depression than for diabetes or heart failure etc. It took so long and so much trouble for me frankly, because I think they thought I was faking my PTSD since I was a psych health care provider at the time I retired. They ran me through two FULL mental health evals (bring your lunch and an all day sucker)

I eventually got medicare and with a supplemental policy and a drug policy I am pretty well medically covered with insurance…but with what I have in co-pays for medicine, payments for medicare parts A & B and the supplement, it eats up about 30% of my income per month. If I had a house payment or car payment to make I would be so far below the poverty line I would be eating dog food. I wouldn’t be able to afford the supplemental policy or my drug co pays, I would probably do without them.

Some people are in that shape and I feel for them.


Right now they are trying to do the same thing to me. They are going through all of the social security files and trying to get rid of as many people as they can. I am under threat, right now, of losing all my medical coverage, etc., they don’t care if I have a fatal heart condition and need medications or not. They just don’t care. I am already way below the poverty line and if I have to pay for my medications, we’re looking at 300 to 400 a month! That is more than 3/4 of what I have to live on.

Oh, it’s alright that they took my money, all those years I worked, for ‘the fund’, with promises of giving it back to me in my later years and now I am constantly messed with and threatened with loss of the very thing keeping me alive. I don’t think this is how it is or was meant to be.

If I stop taking my medications, I die.
But, “I am sorry, that’s not included in the bottom line…”



really bad insurance suck the blood

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