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Helen Fisher explains biology of love in brain science webinar tomorrow

An online series of webinars about brain science continues tomorrow at 5 pm Eastern Time with a presentation by Helen Fisher, an expert in the neurobiology of romance. The series is sponsored by National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine (NICABM).

You can watch for free at the time of broadcast. If you want to see the complete series at your convenience, you can sign up for a membership.

Here’s an email I received from Ruth Buczynski, NICABM president, about tomorrow’s program.

Ever wonder what fuels our attraction to certain people (but not others)?

According to Helen Fisher, PhD, it’s got a lot to do with our brain.

And, when she joins me for this week’s free webinar in our new series on the brain, we’ll talk about which brain chemicals tend to influence who we’re attracted to, and what they reveal about how romantic love works.

Take a look at what else we’ll be talking about:

  • What’s Happening in the Brain at Different Stages of Love
  • Why Novelty Can Help You Fall in Love Again after Rejection
  • Rejection and the Brain: What Brain Scans Reveal about Healing after a Break-Up
  • How to Increase Oxytocin Naturally and Form a Deeper Bond with Your Partner
  • What Brain Scans Tell Us about the Similarity between Romantic Love and Addiction
  • Tools to Break Free from Destructive Attachments

Helen will also walk us through the striking similarities between an addicted brain and a brain in love.

Go to the NICABM webinar website to sign up. You’ll receive an email with login information tomorrow.


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