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Helen Hart usurps another woman’s life

Helen Hart, of Cornwall in the United Kingdom, admitted stealing almost £400,000 from her employers, Philip and Susanne Desmonde. She also tried to steal Susanne Desmonde’s entire life. Desmonde called Hart a sociopath.

The creepy clone who stole my life: How a dowdy secretary remodelled her hair, her clothes, her entire BODY on her wealthy boss’s wife, on

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How cruel! Helen Hart,being a sociopath,couldn’t be satisfied with being the best SHE could be,she wanted the thrill of taking on the identity of another woman!She deserves a long jail sentence for causing psychological trauma and embezzeling funds!


The pain. I went through it at a time when I was much too young for this sort of thing. And I ended the relationship right after high school.

To this day other people from my class blame me. Not only did ‘my’ female sociopath steal my entire identity, but she kept on succeeding in life and maintained her integrity while she displayed her talent to the world. My persona was so crushed and my spirit so beaten down that I ‘disappeared’ and became a ‘non-person’.

The truly tragic thing is when no one believes, or in my case, blames you for the whole thing.

As long as people (society) see evil as ‘good’ and good as ‘evil’ there is only a slight chance that sociopathy will be eradicated. But thank God for


My Russian friend had a life long friend who committed identity theft against her very own fleshly sister in New York of $1.5 million, and my friend lost $900,000. Her sister being a multi millionaire lost part of her fortune, but my friend lost her credit score, her house, bank accounts, and financial mobility. Her husband lost his job, and has been unable to find employment as the judgments against them keep piling up and potential employers see that as a problem. Oddly, the thief took out another loan in my friend’s name this year, took the check and deposited it to a bank in the Cayman Islands. This woman who does this is named Marie M. and she lives in a number of places. She loves affluent areas like San Francisco and Marin County but also Hawaii as she seems to have friends at a certain title company there that keeps allowing her to take out loans, despite multiple lawsuits against Marie.


Looking at the picture (in the attached article) of Helen Hart, her eyes look dark (like there’s no life behind them). In fact, the woman herself looks dark. Reading the article, I noted how the victim, Susanne Desmonde, was completely broken down by Helen’s attack(s) on her. I just hope that Susanne is able to fully recover (in time) and that Helen spends years in prison (lock her up and throw away the key).

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