Help add sanity to child support enforcement programs by submitting a comment to Washington by January 16, 2015

Joe Sorge, director of the Divorce Corp movie, has come out with some more scary information about divorce in America:

The federal government pays states for collecting child support payments. The more money the states collect, the more money they get from Washington.

This, Sorge says, provides an incentive to slap one parent or the other with high child support payments.

For Lovefraud readers who have children with sociopaths, views on the issue of child support will depend on the games that their particular sociopath is playing.

Many sociopaths don’t bother supporting their children. About 38% of child support payments are not made, and sociopaths are likely to be among those who aren’t paying.

Other sociopaths go after full custody, precisely because they want money from their former partners. And, because they are so good at manipulating the courts, they often win.

In any event, now through Jan. 16, 2015, the federal government is soliciting public comment on proposals to modernize child support enforcement programs. Joe Sorge and Divorce Corp have prepared a sample comment and are asking Americans to submit it.

Keep in mind that U.S. family court system itself is broken, let alone what happens when sociopaths start their manipulations. Fixing the family courts would give sociopaths fewer tools to use in their attempts to squeeze and control their former partners.

Lovefraud supports this effort. Please help by submitting the Divorce Corp comment to the federal register all the information is available on the Divorce Corp website.

Please help us make changes to federal regulations of Title IV-D child support guidelines, on

If you want to add your own comments, feel free to do that as well.


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