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Henry Hopper, actor’s son, sued for assaulting underage girl

Henry Hopper, 22, is being sued for allegedly luring a 15-year-old girl to a “casting couch” with drugs and alcohol. He is the son of actor Dennis Hopper, who, according to the Daily Beast, was infamous for his own involvement with drugs, alcohol and guns.

Dennis Hopper’s son, 22, sued for millions over allegations he lured girl, 15, to his home with ‘casting couch’ promise, on

Trouble for Henry Hopper, on

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This story is so sickening!But a good example of how a narcissic individual becomes a predator!

Ox Drover

Yea, I read this story a day or so ago and it made me want to puke! Poor girl! How “P” of him to use the old “casting couch” line.


Drugs are bad, and sleeping with an underage girl is bad. But “Hollywood,” in any country, is full of sycophants and liars. There are questionable gaps to this story and it sounds to me that this poor girl really suffers most from neglectful parenting–how could they not see for 10 months, or probably much sooner, that she was mentally and emotionally bereft? If the girl and Henry met through mutual friends (and I can assure you that kids in celebrity circles grow up very fast these days, many are in rehab by the age of 15)–she was surely no stranger to sex and drugs. It is a very unfortunate situation, and I feel for her…but I sincerely think that the parents are basically at fault on this one. They should have been more vigilant. Henry should have as well, but it is possible she lied about her age to be close to a celebrity, after all, people do…this is more a story of drugs and difficult home life than sociopathy.

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